NutriFlair BHBs + MCT


  • 1600 Milligrams per Serving (800 mg per Capsule)
  • Contains MCT Powder for maximum effect
  • Vegetable/Vegan Friendly Capsules – No Gelatin
  • 60 Powerful Vegetable Capsules – 1 Month Supply
  • Free of Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Sugar
  • Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No Chemical Preserves

Get into Ketosis and hit your Weight Loss target!
BHB Keto Salts help to support improved mental and physical performance by providing the body with a direct, efficient fuel source. The NutriFlair BHB Keto Salts Advanced Weight Loss Supplement is made up of magnesium, calcium, and sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate, and MCT Oil Powder, and is ideal for men and women looking to lose weight as part of a ketogenic or low-carb diet.

100% Natural
Containing BHB salts and ketones combined with MCT Powder and high doses of magnesium, calcium and sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate – you’ll get a natural energy boost that also offers great benefits for your metabolism. The metabolism boost is amazing both for weight loss and weight management.

Potent BHB Salts. Highly Effective Supplement!
Yes, you can put your body in ketosis state naturally by following certain rules and eating certain foods. But, it is not always effective and you may never enter the state of ketosis. Our natural keto pills enable you just that – easier and faster way to enter ketosis and start burning more fat while feeling great.

Product Features

  • 1600 MILLIGRAMS PER SERVING NATURAL METABOLISM BOOST & FAT BURNER: If you’ve been struggling with those stubborn extra pounds and can’t really seem to get rid of them, it is possible your metabolism may require a further push to kick start its weight loss process; for that, we offer the perfect solution in the best keto pills for weight loss; these exogenous ketones will surprise you
  • POWERFUL COMBO ((BHB SALTS + MCT OIL POWDER)): The NutriFlair Keto Advanced supplement contains all natural, organic active ingredients including BHB salts and ketones, with high doses of magnesium, calcium and sodium beta hydroxybutyrate, premium quality elements to help kick-start your body; not only that we have added MCT Oil Powder (Median Chail Triglycerides); 100 percent natural ketogenic supplement for your health’s boost
  • PERFECT FOR KETO DIETS; QUICKER TO KETOSIS: This keto diet supplement is the perfect choice for those who have embraced the ketogenic meal plans, as it puts your body in a ketosis state faster and promotes stored fat burning, instead of carbohydrates; This will lead to weight loss and overall weight management
  • ENJOY AMAZING BENEFITS: With regular use, these whooping 1600 mg (milligrams) natural keto capsules will boost your metabolic functions, making them work at full capacity, at the same time acting as an appetite suppressor (yes it’s an appetite suppressant too!) and boosting your energy levels; The keto pills for your continuous source of energy

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