Update: We shared Chrissy’s transformation story back in 2014, and she is still going strong. She lost 128 pounds. Intermittent fasting, dance fitness, and strength training are all part of her journey. Check out her update.

Chrissy before and after

I was featured on your blog back in 2014 after losing 103 pounds naturally. Since then, I’ve had some struggles with maintaining. However, I’ve managed to not only keep off over 100 lbs, but I’ve lost an additional 25 pounds. I’ve been able to keep off the weight by consistently doing intermittent fasting, drinking a gallon of water a day, and doing dance fitness and strength training with @divineimpactfitness.

My health journey has become so much more than losing weight and desiring a certain aesthetic; it’s a journey of perseverance, tenacity, and HARD WORK. It’s a reminder to myself that nothing in this life that is worth having will be an overnight success. It’s also a reminder of when I’m faced with other challenges, trials, and tribulations in my life that I can rely on that same determination, discipline, and positive thinking to conquer new chapters & goals.

It’s a reminder to NEVER give up on myself, no matter what. 💗

Instagram: @chrissytcreates

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Chrissy before and after

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