Transformation of the Day: Danielle lost 48 pounds. After some friends challenged her to go Keto for two weeks, she was hooked. Not only did she lose weight, but several of the health issues she was dealing with have improved, including high blood pressure and pinched nerves. Check out her story.

Danielle before and after

In late August/early September of last year, two of my friends introduced the Keto Diet to me. We decided to challenge each other for two weeks and hold each other accountable. During my first round of Keto, I dropped 16 pounds! I was hooked after that!

Since then, I have lost almost 50 pounds! My starting weight was 255 pounds and I wore a size 18/20. I currently weigh 207 pounds and wear a size 10! I am 5’6″.

Motivation: I decided to start Keto because I had high blood pressure, pinched nerves in my hips, an unregulated menstrual cycle, and inflammation of the heart muscles. Since beginning Keto, my blood pressure and cycle have both regulated. I no longer suffer from hip spasms, and the chest pains are completely gone. I just pray my story can help inspire others to take that next step in their lives as well.

For the first few months, I kept everything extremely simple. No bread, pasta, fruit, or sweets. Meat and veggies only and NO exercise whatsoever! I like to try different recipes I find on Instagram, as well as Pinterest!

This journey has taught me that I have more discipline and determination than I have ever given myself credit for. My advice to ladies wanting to lose weight: Take your time and lose the scale. Weight loss isn’t magic. You didn’t gain the weight overnight, so take your time.

Choose a healthy way of eating that works with your body and your lifestyle. Diets are temporary, and so are their results. Also, as women, our weight fluctuates daily. Don’t stress too hard over the numbers on the scale. Measure your inches and take body pictures.

I have a very successful beginners support group on Facebook, as well as Instagram: @D.A._KetoWay

Danielle before and after

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