DUAL, the brand that stands for trust, quality and innovation.

DUAL has been active in the sports industry since 2005 and has been setting the highest quality standards ever since. Our high-quality supplements are the result of unique research and strict quality requirements, which is what sets us apart from the competition. At DUAL, we attach great importance to delivering 100% pure ingredients, so that you can achieve your athletic goals.

Fatburner Complex

The selection and unique composition of DUAL Pro FAT-BURNER’s natural ingredients such as Carnitine, CLA, Garcinia Cambogia extract, coffee bean extract and green tea extract are extremely fast-acting, gently stimulate the metabolism and use the stored fat as an energy source. At the same time, this improves your performance while burning fat.

Effective Appetite Suppressant

The DUAL Pro FAT-BURNER inhibits your appetite so that your diet is easy for you. On the one hand, you feel full for a long time and, on the other hand, the body fat reserves are used as an energy source due to the improved metabolism.

No side effects

DUAL Pro FAT-BURNER does without any stimulants such as caffeine or guarana, which give you sleepless nights. You do not have to worry about side effects such as concentration problems, inner restlessness or tremors. On the contrary: The DUAL Pro FAT-BURNER improves your mood so you can reach your diet goal.

Why should you choose DUAL Pro FAT-BURNER?

DUAL PRO FAT-BURNER was designed by professional and experienced health professionals to ensure the best results. This high-quality supplement is the result of extensive research, making the DUAL Pro FAT-BURNER stand out from other competitors. Ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and in a reliable way

Product Features

  • EXTREMELY RAPID WEIGHT LOSS – Lose excess weight with this completely natural powerful weight loss supplement made of five active ingredients free of stimulants which increase the stubborn fat loss. Stimulate your metabolism to use the body’s fat reserves as energy and burn the unwanted weight quickly. The active ingredient L-carnitine improves digestion and reaches the muscles more quickly.
  • LOSE WEIGHT AND BURN FAT WITHOUT HUNGER – The Garcinia Cambogia blocks your body’s ability to produce fat and curbs your appetite, making it easier for you to follow your diet and stick to the plan without feeling hungry. It also regulates your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, maintaining your good mood and positive attitude.
  • INCREASES ENERGY – Boost and stimulate your metabolism to use dormant energy sources, effectively increasing your energy levels while protecting your muscle mass. This clever thermogenic product gives you the weight loss support you need so you can feel energetic, invigorated and strong with your metabolism naturally boosted.
  • BLOCK PRODUCTION OF ADDITIONAL FAT – The powerful combination of Green Tea, Green Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia not only increases your metabolism rate and stimulate your metabolism into using fat reserves as energy but also affect the enzyme responsible for producing fat in the body, blocking it and disabling your body from producing additional fat. This makes your diet and training regime more efficient and produces visible results in a very short time.
  • ZERO SIDE-EFFECTS – The powerful DUAL Fat Burner formula doesn’t contain caffeine, guarana or other stimulants, producing visible results without the risk of negative side-effects

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