Felicia lost 35 pounds with clean eating and exercise. Eight years ago, she decided to make health and fitness a top priority. Now, water, weights, and cardio are her best friends. Check out her transformation story.

Felicia before and after

When I first started my journey, I weighed 198 pounds. My current weight is 163 pounds.

I started my journey in 2011. For the first year, I didn’t know what I was doing. In the second year, I joined a gym. During the third year of my journey, I got a trainer and who I worked with for four years. For the last two years, I’ve been doing everything on my own.

I had to learn everything. I had to get a meal plan, and then I learned how to meal prep. I eat clean, including lean meats, veggies, and fruit.

Water is my best friend. I drink a gallon a day. Sometimes water gets boring, so I add lemons or limes. Sometimes I infuse my water with strawberries or oranges.

Weights and cardio are also my best friends. I LOVE to lift weights. My arms are my favorite body part to train. I also take a Hip Hop Cardio dance class on Saturdays.

Felicia before and after

I’ve made health and fitness part of my everyday lifestyle. Was it easy? NO. I had to change my mindset and tell myself that I was going to do this for the sake of my health. I didn’t want high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc. Now I can’t live without my FITLIFE.

The thing that stands out the most about my journey is the fact that I didn’t give up. I have maintained my fit body and clean eating. I’m still on my journey, and I set new goals every year.

I’m proud of myself for hanging in there. The most wonderful thing of all is being able to motivate other people to start their journey. People are always watching, but sometimes they are afraid to ask for help or advice. I’m glad that my journey has helped so many people.

My advice to all the women out there who want to lose weight is GET STARTED and Kill your excuses. No one can do it for you. You definitely have to put the work in. Also, eating clean plays a huge factor in your journey.

The main thing is to START. Committing to health and fitness is the BEST decision I could have ever made. I’m definitely in it for life!

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Felicia before and after

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