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  1. Amazon Customer says:

    A medical counterpart to Holmes? I was recommended this show as a sort of anti-depressant, though I’m not sure it qualifies as such, even though it is definitely a series well worth watching.I don’t have a tv (nor a tv dongle), and haven’t had one for at least 5 years, so it’s rare for me to be able to watch. I hadn’t even heard of this series, but I bought the first season and started watching it, and I have to say it is great.Hugh Laurie was just a straight man for Stephen Fry so far as I was…

  2. Celtes says:

    One of the best things on TV I am absolutely obsessed with this show. It is intelligent, interesting, funny and totally absorbing.Of course the main reason for the show’s success has to be the wonderful cast. Hugh Laurie is superb! I have always watched Hugh in programmes like Blackadder and I was concerned to begin with that it would be impossible for him to be convincing as a serious actor. I needn’t have worried… he heads the show spectacularly… as his numerous awards prove! Robert Sean Leonard is a…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I ADORE House. The Star Gregory House(plyed by Hugh Laurie), is a brilliant, iconoclastic, renound ( if not notorious), diagnostician, with a nose for hypocracy and hypocondria among is patients and their relatives. He is also hilariously witty. I have now watched all Eight series and am so sad it’s over. apparently Mr Lauri who is British, missed his family and home life too much to extend the series further; so I am now starting from the first season and preparing to work my way through them…

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