Higher Proclivity Lipotropic pills with extra Fat Blocking Chitosan ** with Bonus Xtreme FatBuster ** for Fat Burning, Fat Loss, Slimming and Weight Loss

Chitosan is an extract from shell fish which acts as a fat blocker or fat binder in the digestive tract. Chitosan is not soluble in water, so it acts as a strong form of dietary fibre that is ideal for people wishing to eat fats but not absorb them. This is a great weight loss dietary supplement which has been used in many forms for this purpose.

Higher Proclivity – This is the lowest price available for Lipotropic fat burners of this quality. In a conscientious effort for our clients, we have applied time and investment to improve this formula – particularly (but not only) in relation to the Guarana, and extra Fat Blocking Chitosan – in order that this will exceed your expectations. ‘Lipotropic’ derives from the words for ‘Fat’ and ‘Movement’. These supplements are quite literally designed for the movement of fat out of the body.

Core ingredients: Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, Betaine HCL, Methionine, Gymnema sylvestris, Paullinia Cupana, Chromium Polynicotinate, etc.

Together with the reports and newsletters provided by the download link indicated upon the bottle, that supplement this product, you will be guaranteed to have results.

Product Features

  • The bonus bottle in the thumbnail gives a much longer total posology duration. This is excellent value for money. A total of more that 150 capsules in two bottles. These are produced in a GMP registered facility with over 10,000 bottles sold! YOUR RESULTS ARE 100% REFUND GUARANTEED! The ingredients are naturally safe and FDA approved.
  • These Lipotropic weight loss supplements boost metabolic rates. They also suppress appetite. This leads to the reduction of fat, fat dissipation out of the body, more fat burning within the body and the reduction of fat deposit in the body. These have a high rate of success. 3kgs can be lost in less than a week for certain users. However, slower slimming is recommended so adjust your dosage.
  • Please read below the ingredient list on the lipotropics. This will give information about FREE reports by download at your request. The value of these coveted reports is significant in its own right. Read the bottle or ask the seller for more details.
  • In the reports you will get: 1. Detoxification and detox diet techniques. 2. Free Weight Loss report 3. Weight Loss newsletters 4. Body Wrap Report. The weight loss newsletters teach about avoiding cortisol, how cooking methods affect cholesterol, liquidized food and slimming, appetite suppression, etc. etc. Read the bottle or ask the seller for information about detox and body wrap reports. The bottle also shows life stories and online information.
  • CAN YOU BELIEVE THE CLAIMS THAT ONLY A PILL WILL CAUSE RAPID HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS? Yes, it can however it can cause rapid weight gain when the bottle is finished. Read the reports for permanent slimming!

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