JARLIF Womens Corsets for Waist Training Underbust Best Weight Loss Workout Shaper Cincher 7 Steel Boned Sport Girdle (M, Skin Colour)

Origin corset: Seen the movie “Gone with the Wind”,the people must have hard to forget former heroine Scarlett go to the dance and asked his servant to help wear corset lens. That is the story of the 1860s, but also the heyday of the beam bra. However, before this form of bra is not so romantic.
If the woman in the chest tied wrapped one kind of clothing similar to “chest strap” seen as the origin of the corset, then it should be traced back to the earliest history of ancient Greece. At that time the chest strap multi linen or wool production, which was beyond human understanding and use of clothing materials, and ancient Greek dress the same form, in particular having a free and natural spirit of the Age of Innocence is the bra.
According to the general understanding of female clothing historian, close to today’s corset form it should appear in the 16th century. At that time, European civilization has just gone through the medieval “dark ages”, the long war, social stagnation, ideological repression, corset then appears like an inevitable response to this social form, like armor, but also gives extremely dark depressing feeling. Such armor style corset generally all use of hard metal, in order to keep the body upright form, the main function is to correct stature. Rouen armor in a museum in Italy, the existing one with the thick iron bars pierced production, assembled with rivets 17th century corset, looks no different from the ancient warrior, hard cold, full of medieval color, hard to imagine flesh inside feel.

Product Features

  • Please check the size chart before order
  • 18-breasted from bust to the waist to the lower abdomen, powerful body sculpting
  • From the beginning of the next bust resting his chest to prevent sagging breasts, seven memory alloys, can be bent to prevent product deformation or decline
  • Imported 280D cotton fibers thin breathable fabric, invisible, all year round use
  • Our shipping time is 7-14 days by Epacket USPS

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