Mormon Tea – Brigham Tea – Ephedra Tea – SUBALPINE | WILDCRAFTED HERB TEA 1/4LB | WILD Ephedra Viridis USA

1) Ephedra(s) are enjoyed as regular herbal and medicinal teas with use documented throughout human existence.
2) Without any sweeteners, this high altitude tea with a Green-Tea like taste & Amber-Red color has the best taste of all the Mormon Teas we have sampled.
3) Various suggested uses for seasonal allergies, asthma, blood and body tonic, diuretic, energy, bronchodilater.
4) Other reported uses are weight loss, blood flow, coughs and colds, anemia, rheumatism, stomach ulcers, syphilis and others.
5) Please research the plants history, uses, benefits, and consult your medical professional(s) as needed prior to using.
6) North American (USA) Ephedra Viridis Nevadensis Coville has many medicinal compounds, properties, and uses and does not contain the chemicals Ephedrine or Caffeine. This Wild Mormon Tea is NOT Mauhaung or from China or Mexico like some others for sale are.
7) Boil the stems and any powder. Boil longer for a stronger tea and serve hot or chilled and then cold.
8) In each bag you will find the green photosynthetic stems and the tiny vestigial leaves which look like a powder or dust.
9) Only a portion of each plant is harvested and the trimmings are rinsed well in distilled water before drying and very careful processing.
10) After processing the tea is machine sealed in FDA approved food grade bags along with a food safe desiccant pouch.
11) Each bag contains 1/4 pound or a little more (dry weight) of this great organic and wild tea and nothing else added.

We hope you love the tea as we do, PLEASE add your Product Reviews & Seller Feedback for they help our small shop a lot, and come back for more! Retailers may contact us for larger orders. ForagedWild.
Origin: Western USA Subalpine, wildcrafted, washed, dried, and ready for your use and enjoyment! Thank you for your support.

Product Features

  • Tasty Sustainably Wildcrafted & Historic American Tea | Various Reported Medicinal Uses | Naturally Sweet & Refreshing | Serve Hot, Chilled, & Iced.
  • Body Tonic, Blood Purifier, Blood Flow, Diuretic, Mellow Stimulant, Metabolism, Green Tea Like Taste, and…
  • Respiratory, Bronchodilator, Allergies, Energy, Thermogenic, Weight Loss, Immune System.
  • North American (USA) Ephedra Viridis Nevadensis (Mormon Tea) is Ephedrine & Caffeine FREE & not “Mauhuang” or from China or Mexico. Please ask sellers where their tea is sourced.
  • Origin: Western United States Subalpine Mountains | USA Product | Enjoy & Thanks Very Much!

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