A High-Quality, All-Natural, Optimally-Concentrated Herbal Extract in an Easy-To-Use Dropper-Top Bottle!

Are you looking for a high-quality herbal extract that emphasizes potency and purity?

Do you want to be sure that your herbal extract manufacturer conforms to gold standard production, in accordance with highest level of FDA requirements?

Is knowing that your herbal extract has been optimally-concentrated important to you?

Our Mormon Tea Extract offers all of this, and more! Highlight of benefits thousands of users enjoy:

High quality ingredients, with an emphasis on organic and wildcrafted herbs.
Optimally concentrated to the ideal level for each herb, each time it is made.
Manufactured in the USA, in an FDA approved facility that adheres to good manufacturing policies (GMP).
Eco-friendly packaging includes sterilized, non-leeching glass bottles.
Includes an easy-to-use dropper top!

Mormon Tea, also known as Brigham Tea, is made from the E. nevadensis plant. Traditionally, Mormon Tea Extract has been used as an herbal supplement for a variety of mild health problems and urinary tract and/or kidney ailments. The natural effect of the tea reduces mucous membrane secretions which is a benefit for mild illnesses that may cause an increased level of secretion.

Note that is a 2-ounce (not 1-ounce) bottle – a great value!

Enjoy Great Health with Our Potent, Pure Brigham Tea Extract…ADD TO CART NOW!

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS: We purchase 100% pure, high quality ingredients, with an emphasis on ORGANIC and WILDCRAFTED herbs.
  • OPTIMALLY CONCENTRATED: Our Mormon Tea Extract is concentrated to the ideal for maximum effetiveness. This means that our Mormon Tea Extract is designed for MAXIMUM ABSORPTION by your body.
  • GOLD STANDARD PRODUCTION: Your health and safety mean everything to us. For that reason, our all-natural Brigham Tea Extract is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA approved facility with adherence to good manufacturing policies (GMP) and under the most STRINGENT QUALITY CONTROL. You can rest assured that you get the BEST VALUE for your money!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: We use only STERILIZED glass bottles for all of our extracts. Unlike the plastic bottles used by other companies that leach toxins into the extracts, our glass bottles mean that our extracts remain 100% PURE. Each bottle also comes with an EASY-TO-USE dropper top.
  • POTENT, POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE: Our custom distilling and extraction process is carefully tailored to each herb. This ensures MAXIMUM POTENCY and MAXIMUM PURITY, for your maximum health! Non-GMO. 100% natural.

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