Transformation of the Day: Nece lost 86 pounds. She had enough of the cycle of releasing the weight, only to gain it back. She got results by focusing on nutrition, counting calories, and using portion control. Check out her journey.

Nece before and after

In December 2017, I was inspired to begin a weight loss journey. After starting and stopping several times in the past, I had enough! In the past, I was only able to lose 40-50 pounds successfully. Then, I would hit a plateau, give up and gain it ALL back… and then some!

When the new year rolled around (January 2018 – shortly before I got married on Valentine’s Day 2018), I started to get serious about losing weight. At first, I set unrealistic expectations as a lot of us do in the beginning. I thought that I would lose 4-5 pounds a week, Lol. It didn’t happen that way.

I began my journey, weighing almost 300 pounds. 288 lbs, to be exact! I couldn’t believe that I allowed myself to get that heavy! I was very disappointed in myself as well as discouraged by the number on the scale. About three years prior (December 2015), and shortly after moving to Dallas, I started a weight loss journey. At that time, my highest weight was 272 pounds. I successfully got down to 222 pounds and gained it all back over a period of one year!

In 2018, I knew that this time was different. I was 26 years old and ready for a change. So, I did it! I began counting my calories and closely watching my portion sizes. Those two things are what truly made my journey successful, as well as cutting out sodas! (Which I’m a huge fan of! To be honest, I still drink one now and then.)

Nece before and after

From January 2018 till June 2019, I was able to lose 86 lbs. My current weight is 202.8 pounds. I plan to lose another 40 pounds. My goal weight is 160 pounds, and I’m 5’7″. I lost all my weight naturally! Slowly but surely!

I did NOT work out at all to lose those 86 pounds. However, I plan to begin a fitness journey real soon. For now, I’m focused on losing my last 42 pounds to hit my goal, and this time I will maintain it!

What keeps me motivated is looking better, feeling better, and being healthier all around. My biggest motivation to keep going is my dream of becoming an actress and being in the entertainment industry. I’ve always dreamed of being a star since I was a child. This weight loss journey has sparked my drive to be just that! I’m hoping to inspire as many women as I can and help them as much as I can.

The hardest thing about my journey was and still is NOT GIVING UP! “It’s not where you start. It’s where you FINISH.”

My advice for women who want to lose weight would be to set weekly, realistic goals and stick to them! Before you know it, the pounds will melt off one by one!

Instagram: @thatdivanece

Nece before and after

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