Transformation of the Day: Precious lost 89 pounds. In 2014, she was a divorced mom dealing with depression and several ailments, including type 1 diabetes, edema, and high blood pressure. Now, she is living her best life because she learned to put herself first. Check out her story.

Precious before and after

The first photo was in 2014 at my highest weight: 278 pounds. I was a divorced mother of two who pretty much threw in the towel when it came to my physical and mental health. I was dealing with type 1 diabetes (Yes, that’s right. No typo), high blood pressure, edema, high cholesterol, and depression. I just didn’t care about myself. I went on every diet you could think of with no success.

Then, my doctor suggested Gastric Bypass surgery. Of course, I was scared of what could happen to me. “Would I make it through the surgery? Will I get off all my meds? I won’t be able to eat what I want anymore.” What made me change my mind was my CHILDREN. I wanted to be around for them, and I wanted to live a healthier life.

On September 4, 2014, I had Gastric Bypass surgery, and I’ve never looked back. Let me tell you that it’s definitely not a quick fix. You still have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

Now I weigh 189 pounds at 5’5″. I’m 47 years young, and I’ll turn 48 in January. The lowest I got to after surgery was 170 pounds. So, you can gain your weight back. However, this sister is never going backward.

Precious before and after

Eating Habits: After my surgery, I cut out all white carbs, including bread, rice, and potatoes. I started eating more vegetables, fish, and ground chicken. I also stopped drinking soda and switched to unsweetened tea instead.

Exercise Routine: I started up going to the gym about two months after my surgery. My routine consisted of cardio and weight lifting for one hour, five days a week.

Biggest Lesson: What I’ve learned from this journey is;
1. Love and put yourself first.
2. Gastric bypass surgery is not an easy out. It’s just a tool, nothing more and nothing less. You still have to change your eating habits and exercise regularly.
3. Never underestimate yourself. I’m blessed to have figured that out.
4. Surround yourself with positive people who are there to support you. From family, friends, coworkers…whomever. It’s so important to have a support system behind you.

Advice: What I would like to tell women who are on the fence about weight loss surgery or who are doing it the old fashioned way, PUT YOURSELF FIRST. You only have one temple, so make it a healthy one.

This is my journey, and I just wanted to be honest with you all. God Bless.

Precious before and after

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