Raspberry Ketones + Acai Berry | 700mg per Capsule | Fatburner, Antioxidant, Weight Loss | 90 Capsules | Vegan & Vegetarian by Vegavero

Vegavero Acai + Rasperry Ketones, 700 mg per Capsule, 350 mg Acai (30:1) + 350 mg Raspberry Ketone – 90 Capsule

Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry ketone is a compound found in raspberries, as well as blueberries, kiwis and cranberries. Research has shown when paired with a healthy diet and exercise, raspberry ketones can help speed up the body’s fat burning process. Ketones do so by altering fat metabolism. Research has shown they can increase liplysis that can make the cells more sensitive to norepinephrine (fat burning hormone). Ketones can also make fat cells release more adiponectin – a hormone believed to play a role in metabolism and blood sugar levels.

Acai Berry
Acai is a dark purple fruit that originates from the acai palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest. Acai berries are packed full of antioxidant, fibre, essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Research has shown due to its high antioxidant properties, the Acai berry may help repair damage caused by oxidative stress by fighting free radicals in the body. Potential benefits include: Healthy skin and hair, promote proper functioning of the immune system, help slow the aging process, boost energy levels and improve cognitive function.

Product Quality
We produce in Germany according to the highest of standards per GMP, ISO 9001 and HACCP concept and food hygiene regulation (EU regulation EG 852/2004).

Our product is certified by the Vegan Society as a vegan food supplement, and is free from gelatin, gluten, lactose and GMO. Certification from the Vegan Society and Heavy Metal Analysis available on request.

Product Information
Brand: Vegavero
Company: Vanatari International GmbH
Product: 90 capsules

If you are not satisfied with one of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are sure to find a solution!

Product Features

  • 💚 ENHANCED FORMULA: Our blend of raspberry ketones + acai berries has been expertly chosen to provide you our customer with the ideal antioxidant and fat metabolism enhancing product.
  • 💚 BURN FAT + ENHANCE METABOLISM: Raspberry ketones, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, can help speed up the body’s fat metabolism and help you lose weight. Acai can help detox the body and reduce water retention. See description for full benefits.
  • 💚 CLEAN & PURE: Everything we produce here at Vegavero follows a few simple rules – from nature, with passion, for you. That means our product is 100% free from chemical fillers such as magnesium stearate and free from gluten, lactose, and GMO. We also care about animals and the environment, which is why all our products are, and always will be, vegan.
  • 💚 INVESTED IN HEALTH: We are a family run business based in Berlin, and we develop our products with passion and love with a team of doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists and product developers. Providing you our customer with the safest and most advanced products.
  • 💚 WARRANTY GUARANTEED: At Vegavero, we deeply care about our customers and we are committed to bringing you only the finest quality ingredients. That’s why we are confident our Raspberry Ketones will help both men and women of all ages. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, we offer a 100% hassle free money back guarantee.

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