Without a doubt, the prescription-drug combination of phentermine and fenfluramine known as phen-fen has become the most successful medical weight-loss method ever, used by more than 18 million people in the U.S. However, while plhentermine has been used safely for more than thirty years, a growing body of scientific evidence links fenfluramine to dangerous side effects affecting the heart and lungs. Similar alarming results are reported with Redux and Pandimin, related weight-loss prescription aids. Dr. Michael Anchors, a Harvard-trained physician and an expert on treating obesity, has developed a safe alternative. Using phentermine with other medications in place of fenfluramine, he has helped over 600 people lose more than 10,000 pounds since 1995 — and the vast majority have shown they can keep the pounds off with no more than a minor maintenance program. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Anchors spells out his safe, new path to weight loss and better health. He also explains the proper role of exercise and diet in weight-loss programs, tells how to locate doctors experienced in the use of prescription drugs for weight loss, and prepares you to talk knowledgeably with your doctor about the issue. There’s much more, including a chapter addressed specifically to physicians. By buying this book and discussing it with your doctor, you can put yourself on the road to safe, permanent weight loss today! About the Author
Michael Anchors, M.D., Ph.D.,
obtained his doctorate in biochemistry from Harvard University in 1974 and continued his studies as a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA. He attended medical school at the University of Miami and served his internship and residency at Duke University. Dr. Anchors also served as a researcher in the cardiology division of the National Institutes of Health and has operated a private family practice in Maryland for the past eleven years. A clinical professor of medicine at Georgetown University, he has extensive experience treating obesity and is a popular public speaker on the connections between health and weight.Phentermine has been used safely as a weight-loss drug for more than 30 years in the U.S., but when combined with fenfluramine, it produces side effects quite threatening to the heart and lungs. This latest finding has unleashed yet another pharmaceutical controversy. But Phen-Fen has proven so effective in weight loss that many patients won’t stop taking it. Safer Than Phen-Fen!, offering the only weight loss program as effective as Phen-Fen but without the side effects, should thrill these sufferers.

Harvard-trained in biochemistry and an expert on obesity treatment, Dr. Michael Anchors has created a new and safe combination: phentermine and Prozac. Prozac, a serotine reuptake inhibitor, controls appetite. The dosage used in weight control is less than that used to treat depression. Anchors claims that obesity is a genetic, biochemical brain disorder. Discussions on the nature and causes of obesity (as well as the related health risks), how diets contribute to permanent weight gain, and a diet and exercise plan in conjunction with medical therapy all reflect his claim that with new understanding comes more enlightened treatments. A chapter addressed to physicians is consistent with Anchors’s belief that knowledge is power; patients can discuss the treatment put forth in Safer Than Phen-Fen! with their doctors.

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