SAN T3 Supports Thryoid & Burns Fat x 180 20mg capsules. Stimulant-free fat loss catalyst, Boosts Thryoid Output, Increases Metabolism, 99% Guggul, Guggulsterones

Are Your Diet Efforts Working Against You?
Keeping your metabolic rate stoked is one of the hardest parts of fat loss. A reduction of T3, the most active and crucial thyroid hormone for fat burning, can halt your progress. Overtraining and diets deficient in critical nutrients can have a negative effect on thyroid hormone levels, causing a slower metabolism, fatigue and mood problems such as anxiety and depression.

Benefits of SAN T3*
– 99.9% pure guggulsterones
– Naturally amplify metabolic rate*
– Support beneficial thyroid production*
– Supports vastly elevated thyroid hormone levels*
– Zero shutdown of thyroid’s natural production*
– Safely & naturally increase your metabolic rate*
– Promote stimulant-free fat loss*

Increase Thyroid Hormone Production Without A Prescription
While there are chemical solutions for low thyroid hormone levels, they can be risky and will inevitably cause your body to shut down its natural production. SAN Nutrition provides a powerful and natural solution that supports and enhances the body’s systems rather than causing them to cease functioning.

Guggulsterones have a long history of health benefits, from their advantageous effects on blood lipid levels to their ability to inhibit inflammation and treat acne. The favorable impact on thyroid hormone production is why T3 consists of 99.9% pure guggulsterones which are standardized for 55% Z and 45% E isomers, ensuring ultimate potency. These isomers are responsible for giving T3 its ability to naturally support the thyroid gland – with no negative side effects.

If you need to take your fat-burning efforts to the next level without stimulating your nervous system, T3 is the ideal choice to naturally increase your body’s capacity to shed fat.

Product Features

  • Boost Thyroid & Burn Fat – Stimulant Free!
  • Increase metabolism & Burn fat
  • Contains Guggul / Guggulsterones
  • GMP Certified
  • Increase the rate of T4 (the low activity hormone) to T3 (the high activity hormone)

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