Sharell lost 50 pounds. She was suffering from high blood pressure and intense headaches, as well as being on the verge of developing diabetes. She got results and changed her lifestyle by working with a coach, adopting healthy habits, and changing her mindset. Check out her story.

Sharell before and after

Since I’ve had five children, weight loss has been a challenge. However, my encounter with Terry Starks made it possible. I went from 215 pounds to 165 pounds with clean, healthy eating and exercise. I lost five dress sizes in just ten weeks. I went from a size 16 to a size 10 in pants. (height: 5’5″)

I started my journey in January of 2019, and nothing seemed to work. I tried diet pills, crash diets, and even waist trainers, but they all failed me. I gained the weight right back. 

I suffered from high blood pressure, which runs in my family. I was on the verge of having diabetes if I didn’t change the way that I eat. I could barely get up and down stairs without becoming short of breath. Also, I was exhausted and couldn’t keep up with my children. I suffered from intense headaches due to the toxic foods that I was putting into my body.

By working with Terry Starks, I was able to stop taking my blood pressure pills. Those awful headaches were gone, and I have more energy. He helped me transform my mind and encouraged me throughout my entire journey. He would always tell me to tell the devil to fall back. One of his quotes that stuck with me during my journey was, “The physical transformation is easy, but you must first have an internal transformation. Anybody can look good with clothes on, but you want to look good with clothes off.” When I felt like giving up, I would tell myself, “You can, and you will do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” 

My journey consisted of 90% healthy eating and 10% of workouts. Terry created a meal plan for me, and he told me exactly what foods to eat. I ate every 3 hours, five meals a day. I only used Ms.Dash seasonings and ate frozen veggies only (no canned goods). All my meals were cooked on a George Foreman grill, and I had a bottle of water with each meal. You are what you eat.

I did 30 minutes of cardio every day. You don’t have to have a gym membership to exercise. I ran up and down the stairs and up and down hills. Do what works for you. Everyone’s journey is different. Don’t compare your transition to other people’s journey.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned thus far during my weight loss journey is that weight loss comes with first transforming your mind. You can lose all the weight you want, but if you don’t transform your mind and change your eating habits, you will gain it all back. Weight loss is all about a lifestyle change. You don’t lose your desired weight and jump back to your same unhealthy eating habits. Healy habits have to become part of your daily walk.

I would encourage everyone to trust the process and be patient. You didn’t gain weight overnight, and you will not lose it all overnight. Work on transforming your mind and incorporate that transformation into your daily life. Just because you mess up, that doesn’t mean you have to quit. Start over and keep trying. I failed so many times, but I never gave up. My failures lead to my success. You can, and you will do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

Terry helped me transform my mind, and he checked on me daily. He was my accountability partner, and he pushed me to go harder, never allowing me to give up. If you are looking for a diet plan that works contact Terry StarksNo diet pills! No crash diets! No girdles ever! No tummy tucks or surgeries. Just clean healthy food with fast results if you follow his instructions and meal plans. GOD is so good!

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