Fueled with an exclusive blend that gives you 7 powerful weight loss ingredients that block hunger and burn body fat. Turn your body fat into body fuel. Includes 7-Keto which is patented and clinically shown to help you lose more weight from stored body fat than diet and exercise alone.

Product Features

  • ✔ LOSE BODY FAT with 7-keto a patented and clinically tested ingredient shown to help you lose 3x more weight than diet and exercise alone with 80 percent of the weight loss coming from stored fat
  • ✔ FUELED with an exclusive blend of ingredients that delivers seven powerful weight loss ingredients
  • ✔ HELPS block hunger and burn fat, turning unwanted body fat into body fuel
  • ✔ EFFECTIVE at helping to turn body fat into body fuel due to its dual action proprietary blend which helps block hunger and burn body fat
  • ✔ BLEND OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Powerful herbal blend of natural ingredients including 7-Keto to increase the metabolic rate, Green Tea Extract to enhance metabolism, Oolong Tea Leaf Extract that contains polyphenols to burn fat & ginseng root powder to lower blood sugar

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