Stop Chocolate Cravings Hypnosis CD – Get Rid of the Urge to Snack Using the Power of Your Mind and Hypnotherapy


Sure, chocolate does have some nutritional benefits like cancer-fighting antioxidants, but it’s also rich in sugar and high in calories. As a result it’s not a food that you want to eat too much of.

Unfortunately, chocolate tastes great and makes us feel good, giving us the urge to eat it often and to consume too much when we do. It can be difficult to resist chocolate cravings on your own but


Stop Chocolate Cravings Hypnosis CD is a highly effective hypnotherapy programme that helps people stop eating too much chocolate by:

★ Stopping emotional and stress eating to help you lose weight and improve your diet
★ Eliminating the subconscious messages that leave you tempted to eat too much chocolate
★ Giving you the desire to eat healthier foods instead of chocolate

Stop chocolate cravings with 3 tracks:

1. Introduction and full explanation of the program
2. Hypnotherapy for daytime
3. Hypnotherapy for night with alternate ending that will help you sleep better as an added bonus


British hypnotherapist Mark Bowden has helped thousands of people get freedom from chocolate cravings with his hypnosis treatments. Now, he’s recorded this hypnosis CD to help people everywhere reap the benefits of hypnotherapy. To give you the confidence you need to try the CD, Mark is offering it with a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee. If you don’t get results, he’ll refund your money.

Stop overindulging and improve your diet the simple way! Order the Stop Chocolate Cravings Hypnosis CD today!

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2 Responses to Stop Chocolate Cravings Hypnosis CD – Get Rid of the Urge to Snack Using the Power of Your Mind and Hypnotherapy

  1. Bargain hunter blogger says:

    This makes me sensible in the way I comfort eat, effective and life changing. Definitely recommended. Sometimes I have moment where I comfort eat. I eat sweets, chocolates, crisp, anything junk food. Especially when Im working during the night, I just eat to keep me awake during my shift which is all night then during the day when I come home, As a busy working mum I don’t really have time to prepare healthy meal that I just grab anything easy and ready to be eaten instantly. However, This stop chocolate cravings hypnosis cd help me not just with chocolate but totally stop cravings with junk…

  2. Our Family Reviews says:

    If you believe in it, it will work I have ordered many cds from Mark Bowden before mostly covering stress related subjects. I have ordered this “Stop Chocolate Cravings” and “Exercise Motivation” for a family member who is struggling to lose weight, but had a listen to them first to see how they differed from the relaxation hypnosis cds that I had previously.This CD comes in 3 parts – an introduction, a daytime session and a night time one. The introduction tells you how the hypnosis…

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