High quality, pure, uncut Sulbutiamine. Proper Sulbutiamine Dosage:
Human research suggests a dose ranging from 400-600mg. Arcalion (non-generic, label Sulbutiamine) manufacturers recommend you do not exceed a dose of 900mg (3 capsules) in one day. How Safe is Sulbutiamine? Does Sulbutiamine Carry Side Effects?
Generally, Sulbutiamine is safe and well tolerated. One study which involved 1772 patients taking a dose of 400mg per day documented the most common side effects. Of all the patients in the study, only 8 reported side effects. Of those 8 people, the most common side effect was nausea. How long does Sulbutiamine take to kick in?
You should begin to feel the effects of a Sulbutiamine dose in 30-60 minutes after consumption. What nootropics work well with Sulbutiamine? Sulbutiamine stack options?
Caffeine, and Theanine all work well when taken with Sulbutiamine. How quickly do you build up a tolerance to Sulbutiamine?
Generally, a tolerance begins to build quickly, and the noticeable effects begin to diminish after even one week of use. Double Wood offers pure, quality Sulbutiamine made right here in the USA

Product Features

  • BOOST YOUR MOTIVATION – Sulbutiamine enhances motivation and may help give you the drive you need study for an exam or get a project done at work.
  • LASER SHARP FOCUS – Stay focused on school or work for longer periods of time. Sulbutiamine is an excellent focus nootropic.
  • ENHANCE MEMORY – Remember more information for your exams, forget less deadlines at work, no more losing your car keys.
  • MADE IN USA – This nootropic is manufactured right here in the USA, using high quality, pure, Sulbutiamine

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