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Is your body EXACTLY where you want it to be?

As we age, our bodies naturally start to slow down and it takes more support to perform in ways we once did. If you’ve noticed your energy, endurance and metabolism aren’t where they used to be, a supplement that supports fat burning – without causing any shakes, crashing or jitters – could be right for you.

Why is THIS Natural Answers product right for you?

Our capsules include scientifically-backed ingredients including:

✔ Caffeine and Green Tea – proven to increase fat burning, regulate metabolism, improve memory and concentration and lower risk of diabetes.
✔ Vitamin B3 – good for heart health by increasing good HDL cholesterol and lowering bad LDL cholesterol.
✔ Chromium Picolinate – works with insulin to metabolise carbohydrates.
✔ L-Tyrosine and L-Taurine – amino acids that stimulate hormones to regulate metabolism, reduce stress and support lean muscle mass.

With the highest safe doses of these and many more potent ingredients, our easy to swallow, rapid-release capsules offer powerful fat burning, energy and metabolism support.

Click ‘Add to Basket’ now to be one step closer to your health and fitness goals.

Product Features

  • ✔ HIGH STREGNTH FAT STRIPPING TABLETS FOR MEN & WOMEN – Our T5 extreme diet pills contain a carefully selected formula of ingredients individually known to boost energy levels, burn body fat and boost metabolism. Our t5 rapid fat burner thermo pills help you hit your health, fitness and weight loss goals faster. T5 metabolism booster is a get way to kick start your weight loss.
  • ✔ OVER 100,000 HAPPY CUSTOMERS – Suitable T5 fat burners men gym and train, take alongside a healthy diet. Great slimming tablets that work fast for women as well. Proudly produced EXCLUSIVLEY in the UK. Our t5 weight loss tablets are produced with adherence to the strictest industry regulations in a GMP certified facility, ensuring you get a quality product every time and peace of mind with every purchase.
  • ✔ REAL RESULTS – Alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise these t5 extreme fat burners & weight loss tablets work fast are ideal for real results. Our 30 – day supply is engineered for quick and noticeable results. Our t5 rapid burner is recommended for people wanting support to boost energy, suppress appetite, regulate metabolism and increase endurance – with no cravings, no crashes, no jitters.
  • ✔ UK MANUFACTURED – NO RISK, GUARANTEE – Natural Answers famous no questions asked money back guarantee allows you to try our bestselling and effective t5 fat burner max strength supplement with zero risk. If you don’t like the products simply ask for a refund within 60 days of your purchase. Add to basket now to discover a healthier you!
  • ✔ ADDED EDGE FOR GYM WEIGHT LOSS – Thermogenic t5 fat burner extreme for women and men are among the most popular of gym supplements as they give the added edge to your workouts. Our T5 XL contains POWERFUL FAT BURNER stimulants such as Caffeine and Green Tea – proven to increase fat burning and be effective energy tablets. Vitamin B3 – for heart health by regulating cholesterol levels. Chromium Picolinate – works with insulin to metabolise carbohydrates. L-Tyrosine & L-Taurine – amino acids

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