T5 Fat Burners Patches : Detox & Weight Loss Patches – Diet Pills Alternative / Accessory (28 Patches – 1 Month Supply)

Our bodies are overloaded with toxins from our immediate surroundings which our natural detoxification mechanisms cannot cleanse, so these toxins are then stored as fat. The body maintains this fat as a safe way to store toxins; this is why people who have high levels of toxins have difficulty losing weight.

Cellular detoxification is achieved by nano-magnet technology, which has shown conclusively a positive effect on the body’s natural detoxification process by energising the liver. This enables the separation of cells for efficient and almost immediate detoxification. This process promotes the depolymerisation of blood cells and non-ionic substances while significantly reducing oxidatives, enabling fat to simply melt away easier.

Product Features

  • Controls excess appetite
  • Elevated metabolic rates
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Combats fatigue
  • The ideal accompaniment to all Biogen Health Science weight management supplements for unrivaled results!

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