Green Tea Fat Burner Capsules – Strongest Slimming weight Loss Diet Pills Max / New Green Tea Extract 850mg per Capsule / Natural Antioxdant

Used in Chinese medicine for 4,000 years – Green tea offers plenty of health benefits. Green Tea is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and often seen as a ‘super-food/drink’. Antioxidants play a number of important roles in the body, but their key role is minimising the damage caused to cells by the aging process and the presence of free radicals in our diet. It is claimed useful as a weight loss aid by increasing your metabolic rate and inducing Thermogenesis. It is also reported to increase the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol in the blood. These capsules contain high quality green tea extract in one easy-to-take 850mg dose.

Product Features

  • May help Accelerate weight loss
  • A Powerful natural antioxidant that helps maintain healthy metabolism
  • Immunity boosting properties
  • Suitable for Non-Vegetarians only
  • Now 2 Month supply (31 days Supply in each Refill Pouch – you get 2 pouches in total)

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