Kong Night Slayer Nocturnal Fat Burning Tablets, Night Time Weight Loss Sports Supplement, Fat Attacking, Post Workout, Night Recovery, Weight Management Pills – 120 Tablets

Product Features

  • The Night Hour Fat Attack Formula: Night Slayer has a painstakingly engineered blend of ingredients designed to help support weight management goals during the dead of night.
  • The Recovery and Rest Complex: Night Slayer not only contains active weight management ingredients, it also contains ingredients designed to support the recovery from exercise, helping you smash the next training session in better condition.
  • Non-Stimulant: As Night Slayer is designed to be used in the evening, it’s important that it does not contain any stimulant based ingredients. So you can have a restful sleep while Night Slayer gets to work.
  • Perfect Supplement to help reach your weight loss goals

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