Forever Health Speed Slim * NEW FORMULA * Super Strong Slimming Diet Pills ! SPEED SLIM Tablets Have Been Specially Formulated To Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat Fast – Lose Weight and Slim Fast ! Contains Raspberry Ketones African Mango Acai Berry Capsicum Guarana Extract and Green Tea + More ! FREE FIRST CLASS UK Delivery and FREE DIET PLAN With Every Order !

It’s true! FOREVER HEALTH SPEED SLIM enables a safe, yet speedy weight loss solution. Utilising researched herbal ingredients, FOREVER HEALTH SPEED SLIM packs a powerful punch! At last, help is at hand. FOREVER HEALTH SPEED SLIM From FOREVER HEALTH contains concentrated ingredients such as the super fruit AFRICAN MANGO RASPBERRY KETONES, vitamins and cinnamon. These and other herbal components provide a formula which provides a reduction in fat absorption, higher metabolism, fewer food cravings, as well as offering nutritional support. Can an orange actually suppress the appetite? Bitter orange not only suppresses the appetite, but also aids the fat burning process. Containing amphetamine metabolites and used in conjunction with other herbs, this product heightens heart rate and blood pressure, therefore speeding up the burning of fat. Included in FOREVER HEALTH SPEED SLIM is the acai berry. Known for being of high nutritional value as well as containing powerful antioxidants, this is a perfect weight-loss ingredient. Being rich in fibre, the acai berry provides inner cleansing, in addition to an energy boost and mental clarity. Similarly, the ‘super fruit’ African mango has high fibre content. Capable of moving fat and lowering the levels of blood fat, this fruit goes further to support blood pressure, leptin levels and control of the appetite. RASPBERRY KETONE are a hugely beneficial addition to this product, containing a fat-reducing hormone, which will ultimately reduce fat and the rate in which calories are burned. SPEED SLIM MAX includes a concentrated supply of these and other ingredients such as guarana extract, Siberian ginseng, apple cider vinegar, caffeine anhydrous, capsicum extract and piperine. All of these together combine to stimulate a healthy yet potent weight loss supplement, helping you to shed those stubborn extra pounds with ease.

Product Features

  • FOREVER HEALTH SPEED SLIM – Specially Formulated to Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat Fast !
  • Amazing Weight Loss Pills as To Lose Weight and Slim Fast !
  • FOREVER HEALTH SPEED SLIM – Contains Raspberry Ketone , African Mango , Acai Berry ,Capsicum and Other Carefully Chosen Diet Ingredients
  • FREE Diet Plan With Every Order To Help you Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals !
  • UK MANUFACTURED under the strictest GMP Standards

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