Keto for Cancer: The Unique Way To Approach Cancer

Did you know that the Ketogenic diet has been under a lot of research for a role in cancer therapy and treatment? Are you aware that malignant cells have been proven to thrive under certain metabolic conditions?

It has been proven that cancerous cells develop as a result of mitochondrial defects on a cellular level and we have continued to rely on surgery and radiation treatment as the only way to completely treat and rid the body of them. What if there is a unique solution that is not so far-fetched and shows us the right path towards fighting and preventing cancer by providing the body with proper fuel?

The Ketogenic diet is a diet consisting of low carbohydrates and surplus healthy fats. Studies have shown that cancer cells survive on glucose while regular cells feed on both ketones and glucose. By riding your body of the one thing needed for these cells to develop, you essentially starve them into a normal body state know as nutritional ketosis. This book provides a detailed and in-depth understanding of the Ketogenic diet, its mechanism and finding out whether or not is it suitable for you.

Here, you will understand a lot more than just the idea of simply starving cancer. While there is a lot of research and science been putting into using Ketogenic diet as a forerunner in the fight against cancer, there has also been a lot of discoveries made as it relates to whether or not defective genetics is leading cause.
In this book you will learn;

•The metabolism behind a Ketogenic diet and its components
How nutritional ketosis affects cancer on a cellular level
•Creating a well-balanced Ketogenic diet based on the critical nutritional approach
•Creating the right Ketogenic diet for you
•Cooking Ketogenic meals

There is a lot more anecdotal evidence behind this and if you are interested in preventing the occurrence of cancer and studying the mechanisms behind how cancerous cells work, then this book is for you.
Interestingly, the Ketogenic diet has been tied to massive health improvements, weight loss and an overall improved internal regulation of the body.

If you’re looking for how to lead a healthy life by learning how to rid your body of malignant cells, scroll to the top of the page and select the ‘buy button’.!

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