OLimp L-carnitine capsules + green tea 60 caps CLA 1000mg fat burner tablets weight loss pills

This specially prepared preparation formula works in almost every case of being overweight. The supplement is especially recommended both during and after a slimming treatment. During treatment, the preparation not only dynamically accelerates the fat burning process, but it also prevents the loss of body firmness. However, after the treatment it limits the risk of a yo-yo effect. The supplement has an additional, very advantageous influence on the action of the heart and the cardiovascular system, and it can be also successfully used in cases of low physical activity. While undergoing slimming treatment, it is best to take 2 capsules of the supplement 2 times a day, either on an empty stomach or after the breakfast, or about 30 min before some planned physical effort (or supper). After achieving the expected body mass loss it is recommended that you continue to use the supplement for a minimum of 8 weeks, at 2 capsules every 24 hours, in order to prevent the yo-yo effect. CLA, Green Tea and L-Carnitine Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 2 Capsules Serving Per Container: 30 Amount Per Serving: Conjugated linoleic acid CLA 80% 1000mg (Including CLA 800mg) Green tea extract 400mg (Including EGCG 132mg) L-carnitine 200mg CLA, Green Tea and L-Carnitine Other Ingredients: Conjugated linoleic acid CLA, green tea extract, soya oil, L-carnitine, gelatine, glycerine, water-container components. Contains a component of soya origin.

Product Features

  • This supplement providing three of the most active substances to support the process of adipose tissue reduction
  • Contains CLA, Green Tea Extract and L-Carnitine
  • Great for Weight reduction
  • Supports fat loss and protects the muscle tissue as well

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T5 FAT BURNER – Natural Weight Loss • Burn Fat • Slimming Diet Pills • Boost Energy • Thermogenic Supplement ★ Max Strength 1300mg / 90 Veg Caps 30 Day Supply ★ Made In UK by SOMATOX (FREE eBOOK)


SOMATOX T5 is 1300mg of maximum hardcore fat burning properties designed to help with natural weight loss. These Thermogenic Fat Burners allow you to burn more calories with little effort, best taken whilst exercising and having a healthy diet for maximum results. In a nutshell the T5 tells your brain to stimulate your metabolic hormone which in effect starts the fat burning process. It stimulates the hormone within your thyroid to increase your energy levels. One of the most strongest and effective fat burners available today. The Somatox T5 will increase your overall energy levels and metabolic rate whilst burning away the unwanted fat! The T5 is high strength pure natural supplement. Used by body builders, slimmers and athletes worldwide for both men and women. 100% VEGETARIAN CAPSULES with GUARANA EXTRACT.

✔ 1300mg of T5 Max Strength Fat Burner - 100% Natural
✔ High strength formula that attacks and burns fat
✔ Rapidly increases your energy levels making your body work harder
✔ Stimulates the Thyroid to increase your metabolic rate
✔ No Artificial ingredients, no fillers, no binders
✔ 30 day supply in pure vegetarian capsule
✔ Manufactured in the UK under strict GMP guidelines
✔ FREE Digital eBook With Every Order

SOMATOX… Nectar of Life

We are a UK based natural health and wellness company. Everything is centred on the core of promoting a healthy lifestyle, all products within our range are natural and made to help whatever your health, nutrition or even fitness goals are.

Shipping Your SOMATOX Item

Your SOMATOX order will be sent next working day & will come with a protective security seal. You will also receive our FREE Digital eBook sent via email.

Product Features

  • ✔ 1300mg of T5 Max Strength Fat Burner - 100% Natural
  • ✔ High strength formula that attacks and burns fat
  • ✔ Rapidly increases your energy levels making your body work harder
  • ✔ Stimulates the Thyroid to increase your metabolic rate
  • ✔ 30 day supply in pure vegetarian capsule – Manufactured in the UK under strict GMP guidelines

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Trec Nutrition Clenburexin II 90 caps — XTREME FATBURNER with Green Tea / Cayenne Pepper / Caffeine

Voted as the best thermogenic fat burners, for both men and women, Clenburexin’s effects are unrivalled. It is one of the safest and strongest fat burners amongst all pills on the market today. Created by American laboratory Natures Value INC, its unique formula assists the weight loss process and eliminates undesired fat, especially around the waist and hips area.

Who is Clenburexin fat burners intended for?

These fat burning pills are best recommended to people performing different kinds of physical activity both men and women. This product works just as well whether you are an active gym go-er or simply too busy and lead a more sedentary life.

What does Clenburexin do?

This ultimate fat burner was prepared in order to assist the body in its efforts against obesity, being over weight and fights the battle against excess fat tissue. Upon taking this product, the formula naturally attacks fatty deposits allowing the body to become slimmer and leaner.

How does Clenburexin Fat Burners work?

These are safe fat burner pills that are adequately well matched sets of verified plant extracts exhibiting thermogenic activity (increasing the production of body warmth energy), best vitamins and stimulating substances may increase the metabolism and appetite suppressing processes. Increased metabolism leads to burning calories faster, even during rest, which causes quicker and best weight reduction and the burning of excess fat in your body.

Recommended Use:

4 capsules per day.

1st dose: 2 caps 30 minutes before training/meal

2nd dose: 2 caps 30 minutes before a meal

Take this product on an empty stomach. Wash down with 300ml of water.

Please Note: This product has a stimulating effect so it should not be taken later than 4 hours before bedtime.

Product Features

  • Ideal For ‘Quick’ Weight Loss
  • Targets Fat Around The Waist & Hips
  • Increases Thermogenics & Metabolism
  • Proven To Shift Stubborn Pounds
  • Powerful and tested thermogenic formula

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Trec Nutrition Cla + Green Tea 90 caps — Causes body to burn stored fat for energy

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Green Tea has been used for a long time to support weight loss and decrease the vulnerability to physical and mental fatigue. Combining these two substances in one supplement intensifies thermogenics – a process which leads to increased fat use both during physical activity and rest, which directly contributes to fatty resources reduction.

CLA + Green Tea also shows lipotropic properties, which can lead to stopping the formation of new fat cells and the growth of existing fat cells. This, therefore, provides you the opportunity to have slender body without having to work out intensely.

CLA + Green Tea is recommended both to those that wok out regularly and also to those who live a more sedentary life-style.

Recommended Use:

3 capsules per day.

Training days & Non Training days:

Take 1 capsule 3 times a day

Take after a meal and wash down with 300ml of water.

Product Features

  • Gets Rid Of Unwanted Fat Tissue
  • Stops The Creation Of Fat Cells
  • Helps Achieve & Maintain A Slim Figure
  • 1500Mg Of Cla Per Daily Serving
  • CLA and green tea extract complex

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BNergetics Thermogenics Weight Management Formula Supports Weight Loss, Helps to Burn Fat, Boosts Metabolism, 90 caps

BE THE ULTIMATE YOU WITH B-NERGETICS THERMOGENICS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT FORMULA. Green Coffee Beans weight loss capsules is one of the most effective and fast acting new fat burners on the market to get a lean body, show lean muscle. These preworkout weight loss diet pills for women and men that work fast have been scientifically formulated to increase energy, stamina, focus and metabolism, get and keep a flat stomach. It is manufactured in the UK to strict GMP standards, contains only Safe legal fat burning ingredients. This dieting fast acting formula contains a concentrated ingredient blend designed to burn fat, help control food cravings and fat loss belt while still delivering clean, consistent energy throughout the day. With powerful natural ingredients this product is suitable for both male and female. The main premium fat burning ingredients that make this product so effective are: – Caffeine – an energy booster and a stimulant – L-Carnitine – helps the body produce energy. Important for heart and brain function and muscle movement. – Green Coffee Bean extract – increases mental alertness, stamina, helps boost and speed up metabolism. – L-Tyrosine INGREDIENTS: Container Size: 90 caps Serving Size: 3 capsules daily Servings Per Container: 30 Amount Per Serving: Glucomannan 300mg, Caffeine 250mg, Acetyl L-Carnitine 150mg, L-Tyrosine 150mg, Raspberry Fruit Extract 1500mg, Green Coffee Bean 3000mg, African Mango 750mg, Capsicum 300mg, Bladderwrack Extract 525mg, Chromium 200mcg. Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin (Colourants Titanium Dioxide E171, Ponceau 4R E124), Magnesium Stearate, DIRECTIONS: Take 3 capsules daily BOX CONTAINS: 90 caps. 30 days supply.

Product Features

  • Thermogenics supplement by B-Nergetics is a highly potent and fast acting new fat burner with an exclusive blend of Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Green Coffee Bean, and Raspberry Fruit Extract
  • This exclusive formula has been scientifically formulated to increase energy stamina, focus and metabolism, creating the perfect fat burners thermogenics pills that work fast. Ideal as a pre workout supplement and weight loss energy pills
  • Potent blend of natural ingredients with intense thermogenic effect to support fat burners fast weight loss and fat burning in both men and women
  • Designed to maximize fat burning, energy release, boost metabolism, control food cravings and natural appetite suppressant
  • Tested & Manufactured in the UK in a GMP registered facility, full 30 days supply

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DIET PILL THAT WORK — See results within 2 weeks — 90 caps

DIET PILL THAT WORK – Ideal for men or women for quick weight loss

This diet pill that works helps your body get rid of excess body fat.The idea behind this type of diet pill is they work to help move fat deposits out of storage in the best possible way and then allow thebody to burn it as energy throughout the day. Clenburexin diet pills are the best thermogenic fat burner that work and when used inconjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan your weight loss goals can be more readily met.

Diet Pills that work, How?

These diet pills are a dietary supplement that works to increase yourbody’s metabolism, which is your own internal fat burning engine. Asyour metabolism increases so does your body temperature and it takesfuel for this to happen. Excess body fat is the fuel that your bodyneeds to keep its metabolism going. This does a couple of things thatare conducive to weight loss.

What to expect from theses diet pills?

The first is the obvious increased metabolic rate that helps burn upexcess fat deposits. The second is an increase in energy which leads tomore physical activities or more intense exercise sessions which further burn more fat.

There are different types of diet pills on the market. Clenburexin is considered the leader in the market for the diet pill because they work. These normally do not cause side affects.

Choose these diet pills for your particular weight loss needs. It is best to know what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them. Nonethe less, Clenburexin diet pills will help you get there.

Product Features

  • Attacks fat around waist, hips & buttocks
  • Works for men & women
  • Take 2 capsules per day
  • Gives you extra energy for your workouts
  • Suitable for non-vegetarians

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Liquid Skin & Coat Supplement For Dogs – Dry Skin – Itching – Promotes Shiny Coats – Measured Application Pump Provides 118 Measures – Faster Absorption Than Chewable Treats, Caps and Powders

Could Your Pup’s Coat Use a Healthier, More Radiant Shine?

Is your dog’s coat drab and lifeless? Is their fur always speckled with unsightly white flakes? Give them what they need to bring back that vibrant shine. This fast-absorbing liquid is infused with vitamins, fatty acids, and other ingredients that nurture and balance dry skin, itching and redness. Our naturally sourced ingredients are great for overall dog health and longevity.

Enriched with nutrients:

Vitamin A: Supports proper metabolism and helps prevent night blindness.

Vitamin E: Essential to a strong immune system and good cardiovascular health.

Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids: Help reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, colitis, and other conditions.

Horsetail grass: Strengthens brittle bones and nourishes hair, teeth, and nails.

Biotin (Vitamin B): Promotes healthy skin and coat, aids in cell and tissue repair, and helps relieve itching.

Linoleic acid: A natural omega-6 fatty acid that helps strengthen the dog immune system.

Oleic acid: May help reduce inflammation, infection, and promote healthy skin repair.

Plus, our supplement

Contains no harsh chemicals.

Is absorbed better than pills and chews.

Includes 118 pre-measured doses for accurate dispensing.

Is great for dogs of all ages, including show dogs.

Can be mixed with food for stress-free delivery.

Has a mild taste dogs appreciate.

Is made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility to ensure quality.

Give your pooch the gift of healthy skin and a thick, luminous coat.

Product Features

  • ★Restore That Glossy Shine: Packed with nutrients that help dull, dry coats and itchy skin.
  • ★Not Just for Skin & Coat: Premium formula also helps counteract the effects of aging and illness.
  • ★Easily Absorbed: Liquid form allows for better nutrient absorption versus powders and capsules
  • ★Pre-Measured Application: Convenient pump dispenses precise measures to ensure your dog’s getting the right amount.
  • ★Premium Quality: Produced in an FDA-approved manufacturing plant in the USA!

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Lipocuts Xtreme 60 Caps by Lipocuts – Fat Burner – Super Strength Slimming – Weight Loss – Diet Pills – 2 Month Supply

Lipocuts Xtreme 60 Caps

Lipocuts Xtreme is developed for powerful fat burning results and intensive energy for hours!

Lipocuts Xtreme will help you control your appetite and reduce cravings for those not so healthy foods. Get metabolism into gear and start burning that unwanted body fat today.

Directions: Take 1 capsule in the morning or 30 minutes prior to exercise. If you wish to maintain the maximum thermogenic (fat burning) state, take another capsule in the afternoon. Do not exceed more than 2 capsules in any 24 hour period.

WARNING: Not reccommended for use by minors. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult a physician or licensed qualified health care professional before using this product.

Nutrition Information: Serving Size: 1 Capsule Servings Per Container: 60

Ingredients Ingredients Per Serving RDA% Vitamin B3 25mg 125% Vitamin B6 4mg 200% Propietary Lipocuts Xtreme Thermoblend: Concentrated Kola Nut Extract, White Willow Bark Extract 25%, Panex Ginseng Extract (80% Ginsenosides), Caffeine Anhydrous (supplying 250mg of caffeine), Tetradecylthioacetic Acid, Capsicum Extraxt 10:1, Chromium Picolinate, Cinnamon Bark Extract 10:1, Cassia Nomane 450mg

Other Ingredients: Dextrose Anhydrous, Magnesium Stearate

Product Features

  • PROVEN BODY-FAT-CUTTING INGREDIENTS- Compare our ingredients to the competition. Every ingredient inside of Lipocuts Xtreme Thermogenic Fat Burner is hand selected for its ability to cut fat while preserving muscle and enhancing cognitive function, you’ll burn fat faster while showcasing the muscle that you’ve worked hard for.
  • COMPARE – We want you look at the competition and compare ingredients. Once you have done your research or used inferior fat burning thermogenic supplements, you’re welcome to come back for the real thing. Your order of Lipocuts Xtreme comes with 60 capsules (a full 60 day fat-burning cycle!) and every milligram is carefully chosen and backed by science to burn fat and boost your results in the gym.
  • REDUCE BELLY FAT, INCREASE ENERGY – Lipocuts Xtreme Thermogenic is more than just a fat burner. The Concentrated Kola Nut Extract is proven to attack belly fat directly, while the Caffeine Anhydrous increases energy levels, giving your more energy, aggression, and breaking down fat cells. You’ll feel the difference within the first few days of taking Lipocuts Xtreme Thermogenic.
  • DEVELOPED FOR REAL RESULTS: Unlike most thermogenic fat burners, which are put together with whatever ingredients are “hot,” Lipocuts Xtreme Thermogenic is developed with science in mind. Panex Ginseng Extract, Capsicum Extraxt and caffeine stack together for enhanced fat-burning results.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! – Don’t like it? Send it back. We understand that supplements have a different effect on different people, and we stand behind our best-in-class products with a bulletproof guarantee; if you don’t like this product, send it back for a FULL refund.

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