Burnfatea 14 Day Crave Buster Detox Tea (Appetite Suppressant, Fight Sugar Cravings, Get The Shape You Want, Herbal Fat Burner and Metabolism Booster, Detox, Weight Loss, Diet Tea, NO LAXATIVE EFFECT) Cherry Vanilla

The Burnfatea Crave Buster Tea Detox to curb appetite and help weight loss – With thousands of satisfied customers on other outlets, now selling on Amazon

Reduce bloating, cellulite, burn fat and detox with this botanically infused 2 in 1 tea that combines appetite curbing with a mini tea detox, to be used whenever you feel peckish.
Blended from herbs & teas known for their detox and appetite suppressant properties to help satisfy cravings and give a quick metabolism boost to help with weight loss.
Can be used alone or alongside our tea detox sets.

We keep safety in mind – Our tea detox does not contain Senna or other dehydrating harsh laxatives.
A Diet Plan is also available on our website to help you make the most of your Burnfatea tea detox.

The Real Burnfatea – The Positive Difference
Naturopathic nutritional supplements to help people reach their health goals

Product Features

  • With thousands of satisfied customers on other outlets, now selling on Amazon!
  • Get the shape you want and support your healthy regime
  • Delicious appetite suppressant & detox botanical tea to be taken whenever you feel peckish
  • Formulated to curb appetite, reduce sugar cravings, detox, aid bloating and boost metabolism to help weight loss
  • Does not contain the harsh laxatives that affect contraceptives or cause cramps

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