FERTILITY MAX Pregnancy Aid – Do You Have Trouble Getting Pregnant ? Fertility Max Pregnancy Aid are NEW HERBAL Pills Specially Formulated to Help Women Conceive PLUS It Prepares a Woman’s Body For Conception and Supplies Vital Nutrients For Healthy Ovulation And Supports a Healthy Female Reproductive System ! FERTILITY MAX Pregnancy Aid Tablets Include FOLIC ACID and IODINE as Well as Many Other Vitamins and Minerals Essential For Mother and Baby ! 30 Tablets

FERTILITY Max PREGNANCY AID is specifically designed to give women the vital minerals and nutrients for conception to take place. Becoming pregnant needn’t be complex or stressful with the support of FERTILITY Max PREGNANCY AID. For those of you who are concerned about providing yourself with the necessary nutrients for conception, this supplement can offer you peace of mind. Included in this invaluable supplement is folic acid. Sufficient folate is vital for DNA and RNA synthesis; cells cannot divide to form a foetus without the presence of this compound. This ingredient is not only imperative in order to become pregnant, but it remains important throughout the entire pregnancy. FERTILITY Max PREGNANCY AID also has zinc in this supplement, due to its ability to promote normal ovulation and conception. This mineral has many roles and contributes to processes in almost every cell. Low zinc consumption has been linked to reduced fertility and even miscarriage. — Another important addition to this formula is Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). FERTILITY Max PREGNANCY AID combines vitamin C as normal development of the egg will progress only if there is an adequate supply of this nutrient. Vitamin C will also promote healthy ovulation and hormone development. FERTILITY Max PREGNANCY AID also includes iodine; an important nutrient which should not be overlooked. It supports practically every cell in the body, as well as aiding metabolism and overseeing the use of oxygen. This has a knock-on effect on a woman’s ability to conceive ! *-* All this from a NATURAL HERBAL Product – Order Yours NOW !

Product Features

  • FERTILITY Max PREGNANCY AID – Specially Formulated To Help Women To Conceive and Supports a Healthy Female Reproductive System !
  • FERTILITY Max PREGNANCY AID – Contains Vital Vitamins and Minerals Like FOLIC ACID To Help With Conception and a Healthy Foetus
  • 30 x High Strength FERTILITY Max PREGNANCY AID Pills – Enough For Up To One Months Supply !
  • FREE Healthy Eating Plan / Diet Plan With Every Order and FREE UK First Class Delivery On this Item with Same Day Dispatch If Ordered Before 1pm !
  • This Product is UK MANUFACTURED under the Strictest GMP Standards So You Can be Sure they are 100% Safe – BEWARE of Cheap Pills As Many Have Never Been Tested And May Contain Harmful Additives

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Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors With Dual-Size Cuff and Large LCD Display and Soft Storage Case and Batteries (Include)

-Display: Large LCD (3.7 “)
-Accuracy: ±3 mmHg(Pressure);±5%(Pulse rate)
-Automatic power-off in 150 seconds without operation
-Display: LCD (year/date/time, pressure and pluse)
-Big memory: 2 * 120 sets are optional
-Dimension:134(w)*10(D)*46(H) mm
-Weight: about 450 g (including batteries and cuff)

Box contains
1 x main unit
1 x cuff (22-42 cm)
1 x instruction manual
1 x set of batteries
1 x storage case

Why measure blood pressure the home?

The measurement of blood pressure in the clinic or doctor’s Office vulnerable to anxiety, blood pressure readings are higher than the measured data of the family of 25 ~ 30 MMHG. Measurements at home can reduce the impact of external factors of blood pressure measurement, accurate and complete records on the blood pressure values offer doctors.

Why to choose our blood pressure monitor?

Precision, wide-screen, thin and lightweight, easy to carry and use, is the best gifts for family and friends.

Did you know that one-third of adults in the UK and America is suffering from high blood pressure, your risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and eye damage can increase qui?

Our home blood pressure monitor helps you to the overview of the cause and blood pressure values.

-Here you can track and record readings to compare results with time and date

-Large LCD display to identify quickly and systolic pressure diastolic pressure

-Super low noise pump

-Automatic pressure pre-selection and air drain

Taken through the steps, to monitor your own blood pressure and maintain, you can significantly improve the chances of higher long-term health and reliably with valuable information to provide your doctor.

Product Features

  • Easy to Use : One touch operation,fully automatic,automatic shut off the power in 150 seconds without operation.
  • Advantage:Large LCD display ,fully automatic intelliSense technology,accuracy high,Product thin, light weight.
  • Funtion: accuracy: DYS/DIA:±3mmHg and Pulse:± 5% of reading with measuring resolution:1mmHg ; memory function:up to 2*120 memories(SYS,DIA, Pulse)
  • CONVENIENCE:Light weight products, you can easy carry anywhere ;net weight: 250g .
  • CONSISTENCY: Our blood pressure monitors are clinically validated, medical CE0434 TUV and ISO13485 approved with EU representative in Germany.

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T5 Fat Burners – 200 Capsules – 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE – UK Manufactured – Thermogenic Fat Burner Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans – Slimming Pills to Bust Belly Fat – Weight Loss Pills That Work, Ingredients Include Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, L-Carnitine and More

Why Choose Xellerate Nutrition Platinum T5 Fat Burner Supplement?

The Xellerate Nutrition T5 fat burner has been carefully formulated based on the latest scientific research.

Our T5 uses select ingredients to speed up your metabolism to increase your calorie output, stimulate thermogenesis, reducing weight and attacking fat.

Many T5 users report increased energy as well as weight loss without cannibalisation of muscle. In short less fat while maintaining muscle mass allowing you to look leaner and more defined.

* 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – No questions asked, burn fat or your money back.

* PROPRIETARY FORMULA – Our unique formula packed with our handpicked ingredients designed to contribute to improving your metabolism and stripping away fat.

* FULL 200 DAY SUPPLY – Amazing value, so simple, no need to reorder for 200 days!

* UK MANUFACTURED – Produced in the UK (unlike many competitors) to the highest manufacturing standards in the world.

Product Features

  • ✔ BEST VALUE, OVER 6 MONTHS SUPPLY – Our market leading 200 Platinum T5 fat burner capsules pack gives amazing VALUE keeping you replenished with a convenient T5 fat burner for 200 DAYS. We offer MORE value than other leading brands – they offer 30 to 120 capsules to our incredible 200 capsules.
  • ✔ MAXIMUM POTENCY & MORE INGREDIENTS- Our capsules contain MORE fat melting ingredients than competing brands. Each ingredient was carefully selected by our team to provide you with a potent T5 fat burner. We include fat burning ingredients such as Green Tea Extract (over 10 times more of this active ingredient than some competing brands), L-Carnitine Tartrate, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Caffeine Tartrate, Alpha Lipoic Acid and other powerful ingredients.
  • ✔ SAFE FAT BURNING FOR MEN & WOMEN, SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS – Our T5 takes advantage of the latest research to give you a thermogenic effect increasing metabolism and burning fat SAFELY. The supplement includes Zinc which supports normal protein synthesis plus metabolism of fatty acids and carbohydrates. Vitamin B6 contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism, energy-yielding metabolism and reduction in tiredness and fatigue.
  • ✔ UK MANUFACTURED IN CERTIFIED GMP FACILITY. Many T5 supplements are imported from Asia or the US. Ours are made RIGHT HERE in the UK so you are safeguarded by the highest manufacturing and hygiene standards in the world. Our local manufacturing means you receive the freshest capsules possible, not supplements that have spent weeks being transported to the UK.
  • ✔ NO RISK GUARANTEED. Xellerate Nutrition is committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, so we take away ALL the risk. All of our products come with no questions asked money back guarantee, we take the risk so you don’t have to. Love the results you get from our T5 or get your money back.

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