EXTREME FAT BURNING COMBO – NEW T5 Xtreme and Belly Fat Attack by Natural Answers|Best Fat Burning Diet Supplements For Men and Women|Appetite Suppressant|Metabolism Booster|New Diet Aid to Help Burn Fat Fast and Keep it Off! |New Weight Loss Formula|UK Manufactured

T5 Fat Burners & BELLY FAT ATTACK are aimed at both men and women who wish to either lose fat or keep it off. This product works well in both situations; it entirely depends on your achievements and goals. T5 and Belly Fat Attack are an Xtreme duo of the very few fat burners that you can feel working with energy levels increasing dramatically within minutes of taking them. They are most popular amongst Body Builders and Fitness Professionals, as only the finest fat burning ingredients have been included making it safe yet effective.

How does T5 XTREME & Belly Fat Attack Work?

Fat Burners are an effective Fat Burner/Fat Loss pill providing you with an additional energy boost for when you work out. They are Thermogenic Fat Burners which allow you to burn more calories with little effort, as it increases energy and blood flow, boosts metabolism and slightly increase body temperature – all resulting in effective, fast Fat Burning and Fat Loss.

Why choose Natural Answers T5 XTREME & BELLY FAT ATTACK?

Buy with Confidence. Natural Answers is a Trusted, UK Based, Premium Brand providing High Quality Dietary Supplements at the Highest Standards. Our food supplements are formulated using safe and natural ingredients. Our products are manufactured in the UK in a GMP compliant facility.

Product Features

  • ★NEW EXTREME FAT BURNING DUO, T5 XTREME & BELLY FAT ATTACK – An Extremely Powerful Combination to help with Maximum Fat Burning and Weight Loss. Helps Get Rid of Stubborn Stomach Fat and Slims and Tones. ★
  • ★NEW T5 XTREME MAXIMUM STRENGTH POTENCY – Made from Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients Designed to Help Stimulate Thermogenesis by Burning Fat Cells to Warm Up the Muscles Effective T5 Xtreme Helps to Lose Fat from Stubborn Areas Increasing Fat Cell Lipolysis★
  • ★BELLY FAT ATTACK – Our Most Popular Belly Fat Burner – Look Great & Feel Confident As You See The Fat Melt Away With Belly Fat Attack Shredder Pills. Specially Formulated With Ultra-Powerful Ingredients To Target That Hard To Shift Stomach Fat. Extreme Appetite Suppressant, Boosts Your Metabolism & Energy Levels.★
  • ★MANUFACTURED IN THE UK TO STRICT GMP GUIDELINES – Natural Answers is a well-established UK brand, trusted by our customers. Everything we manufacture is made right here in the UK using the highest purity ingredients and safeguarded by the highest manufacturing standards compliant to strict GMP guidelines★
  • ★BUY WITH CONFIDENCE SIMPLY ADD TO BASKET to start your Weight Loss Journey with Natural Answers★

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Slissie – achieve sustainable weight loss with Slim Lizzie’s electronic slimming aid. Replace bad habits by choosing appetite suppressing flavours. The best alternative to diet pills as it works with your body’s natural mechanism to suppress appetite and hunger to produce great long lasting weight loss results. Makes any diet more likely to succeed and keep you in a smaller dress size for good.

Slissie starter kit comes with 3 refills. Original Mint, Vanilla and Fruit. Each tank lasts around 7-10 days with normal usage (4/5 sucks per day 4/5 times). Can interchange tanks but replace when empty. Refills available in packs of 3 (Chocolate/ Dark Chocolate/ Original Mint/ Vanilla /Fruit)

Product Features

  • Slissie cleverly supports any weight loss programme you choose.
  • Takes the hunger out of dieting and provides a viable, fun alternative to bad snacking habits
  • Retrains your brain to remove unhealthy associations such as eating cake with your coffee
  • Save around 500 calories a day by cutting out unnecessary snacking
  • Lose weight and keep it off – unlike diet pills this works and keeps working!

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