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FAST Shampoo & Conditioner 360ml + Hair Supplements Vitamins

F.A.S.T (Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy) is a proprietary blend of natural herbs and essential amino acids which are combined to provide the basis for the ultimate in quick healthy hair growth.

F.A.S.T is a shampoo, conditioner system that works in combination to grow your hair as FAST as possible – up to 99% faster. Use FAST daily for 1 month and you will see longer, faster growing hair. FAST is our best selling shampoo and conditioner for accelerated hair growth and yes! it really does work. Just use FAST for 30 days for longer, more beautiful hair. FAST is perfect for slow- growing hair or to outgrow a bad haircut – it can be used on all hair types including children. FAST works by feeding the hair with essential nutrients (e.g. Biotin and Vitamin B extracts) and proteins. Many customers note this product really improves their hair condition and does not leave a product build up.

F.A.S.T. Supplement Tablets are vitamin/mineral supplements that provide antioxidants for the maintenance of general good health. The combination of Biotin, Zinc; Vitamin C and Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of hair, nails, skin, teeth, bones and cartilage. Vitamin B12 and Zinc contributes to the normal function of the immune system. The tablets special formulation also help the body to metabolize carbohydrates and fatty acids.

Supplements can be taken on their own or concurrently with the daily use of FAST Shampoo & Conditioner. The use of FAST Shampoo & Conditioner will produce the greatest results (up to 99% increase in hair growth rate) whereas FAST Hair Fortifying Supplements are formulated to give an additional boost in hair growth rate; adding an additional 10% to 30%. In addition FAST Hair Fortifying Supplements will contribute to healthier hair, fingernails and skin.

Product Features

  • Suitable for Men, Women, Children on all hair types
  • Works in 30 days. Can double the rate of hair growth; Made in Canada
  • Contains mild ingredients making it safe for daily use
  • Combo pack of tablets and powder. 1 month’s supply
  • Cautions and Warnings: Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are following a low protein diet; if you are allergic to milk. Suitable for adults aged 19+.

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Biotin Hair Growth Vitamins 10000MCG 200 6mm Tablets MONEY BACK GUARANTEE UK Made BUY 2 GET FREE UK DELIVERY 6 Month + Supply Best Supplements for Hair Loss Best Beauty Treatment for Men and Women – Incite Nutrition Biotin B7 Complex Better Than Shampoo Not 5000MCG Capsules Benefits Healthy Hair , Nail Growth and Skin UK Manufactured


Are you looking for a solution to your thinning hair and generally weak nail health?

Would you like to prevent splitting nails and have strong glowing hair, while also enjoying multiple other health benefits from a single supplement?

If so, Incite Nutrition’s Biotin for Stronger Hair & Nail is the perfect supplement for you!

Formulated to include 10,000mcg of Biotin per tablet which promote cellular energy and help maintain healthy hair and strong bones.

The nutritional supplement safely prevents in-grown toe nails, fragmented fingernail tips as well as discolored, brittle nails. Biotin is known to boosts stamina and energy, thus works to prevent fatigue.

It contains a generous supply of 200 capsules and you only take one tablet per day to enjoy the amazing health benefits.

Hair & Nail Biotin is a market leading supplement, with a number of key benefits, including;

• 100% HEALTHY; with the scientific formulation that excludes allergens and artificial additives, you are safe from adverse side effects.
• 10,000 MCG PER TABLET; easy to swallow small 6mm tablets, no need to carry extra capsules around.
• SAFE AND ALLERGEN FREE; suitable for diabetics and also free of lactose, soy, gluten and yeast.
• MULTIPLE BENEFITS; treat hair loss, weak nails and energy problems.
• OVER 6 MONTHS SUPPLY; generous 200 tablets per bottle, taken 1 tablet per day.

If you’re looking for a formula that works to make your nails strong and grow strong glowing hair, without having to turn into a moving pharmacy; Hair & Nail Biotin is the perfect supplement for you! Click “ADD TO BASKET” now!

Product Features

  • WHY DO YOU NEED INCITE NUTRITIONS BIOTIN? – Vitamin B7 is more commonly known as Biotin. Biotin Is Necessary For Cell Growth, and the Metabolism of Amino Acids and Fats. Biotin can Help Supplement Skin, Hair, and Nail Care this in turn Helps to Increase Hair and Nail Growth. This is the Most Potent Biotin on the Market
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: – 10,000mcg (10mg) of Extra Strength Biotin can Help Increase Nail Strength and Nail Growth, Reducing Brittleness of Nails. Can Increase Hair Growth (Including Eyebrows & Eyelashes) and May Reduce Hair Loss.
  • HOW IT WORKS: – Biotin is an Essential Part of Enzymes in the Body that Break Down Substances Like Fats, Carbohydrates, and Others. Biotin Deficiency can Affect the Health and Growth of Nerves and Bones, Possibly Leading to Hair Loss, Dermatitis, or Neurological Symptoms. With a Water Soluble Biotin Supplement, you can Increase the Growth of Your Body’s Cells, Promoting the Strength of Your Hair, Skin, and Nails.
  • WHY INCITE NUTRITION: – We Are a Family Run Business With Both Athletes and Health and Fitness Advocates. Incite Nutrition is Dedicated to Help Customers Achieve and Sustain Ideal Body and Wellness Goals Through the Use of High Quality Products. We Back This Up With a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • DOSAGE AND QUANTITY: – We Do Not Only Have The Highest Potency On Amazon But We Are Also One Of The Cheapest and with 200 servings it will last you over 6 months. At £10 A Bottle We Cant Be Beat! Buy Our Biotin With Confidence – If You Do Not Love Our Biotin As Much As We Do (You Will!) Please Accept Our 100% Hassle-Free, Money Back Guarantee. We Will Give You A Full Refund, Including Shipping! **LIMITED INTRODUCTORY OFFER – ADD TO CART NOW!**

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