Transformation of the Day: Tara lost 67 pounds. At 22 years old, she was diagnosed with pre-diabetes while she was studying for a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. She decided to put what she was studying to work and transformed her lifestyle. Now, she’s a personal trainer.

Tara before and after

My name is Tara, and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic at the age of 22. I was studying for my Masters in Exercise Science at the time. However, I was unhealthy, to say the least. I was told that I could lose 20 pounds in two months, or I would be forced to take medication and diet pills. 

After a year of not listening and avoiding my doctor, I began to take myself and my craft seriously. I started my journey in December 2018, and I dropped 50 pounds in 8 months. 

I cut carbs and added green and leafy vegetables to my diet. (I cut out bread and pasta completely) I also eliminated sweets, and primarily consumed fish during this transition (I had chicken occasionally). 

I committed myself to working out five days a week, doing 30 minutes of intense cardio. My routine included two days of weightlifting as well. I am still committed to this regimen.

I’ve lost close to 70 pounds in total. My starting weight was 235 pounds, and now I weigh 168 pounds at 5’3″.

Tara before and after

The biggest lesson I learned was that you get one life. I also learned that age has nothing to do with how healthy you are. I was 22 years old and diabetic. It was life or death for me. 

Now that I have my Master’s degree and my confidence back, I am ready to share with others the knowledge I gave to myself. As of last month, I am a new business owner of my own personal training studio. I can’t wait to help change lives and start my new journey. 

Weight loss is a hard, emotional journey. Your body can do anything… it’s your mind that you have to convince. Make it personal, and don’t waste time waiting for others to join your movement. Do it for you! 

If I did it, you can too! Never give up! 

Instagram: @topnotch_tara

Tara before and after

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