Transformation of the Day: Tequilla lost 70 pounds. The verbal abuse she experienced led to binge eating, depression, stress, and high blood pressure. Being a mother and a grandmother, she decided it was time to reclaim her health for herself and her family. Check out how she took action.

Tequilla before and after

I want to begin by saying I’m so happy and proud that I reclaimed my life. During the past three years, my spouse started becoming verbally abusive to me. In turn, I became very angry towards other people, and my kids. Eventually, I became isolated, and I stayed away from everything.

I began to eat a lot, but only once a day. Not only was it just once a day, but I was indulging in a whole lot of fast food because I felt depressed and stressed out. Then, I noticed that I couldn’t fit my clothes anymore because they were too tight. I saw holes in the thigh parts of my jeans that were caused by my legs rubbing together.

In March 2018, I lost my job because I was always tired, and my blood pressure kept going up very high, resulting in a lot of headaches. My kids came to me in May 2018. They said, “Ma, please stop stressing. Don’t you want to be around for us and your granddaughter? Please don’t listen to what he has to say because he doesn’t want you to do better for you.”

I cried about it and asked God to show me the way. I saw a commercial about weight loss surgery at the local hospital I go to, so I called. I attended a seminar in July 2018, and there was so much motivation in the room. The people there had stories similar to mine.

In September 2018, I met with the surgeon, and he told me all about the different options for weight loss surgery. I decided that gastric bypass surgery was best for me. I never wanted to go back to feeling lost and ugly again. I followed all the necessary steps to be eligible. I attended the nutrition classes, support groups, and even found workout partners in my area.

On May 13, 2019, I had gastric bypass surgery. I went in weighing 219 pounds at 4 feet, 11 inches tall. Now, six months later (November 13, 2019), I weigh 149 pounds. I feel vibrant, energetic, confident, and I communicate better with my kids. I’m able to do things with them and my granddaughter without feeling tired or ashamed of how my clothes fit. As far as the spouse I had, I’m without him now, and I’m grateful that God removed that negativity from me so that I could become a better me. I’ll be on this journey forever, and I’m willing to help people along the way.

Eating Habits: I changed my eating habits by changing my portion sizes and meal prepping. Since surgery, I no longer have a taste for meat. I eat fish and crabmeat, as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Exercise: My workout routine consists of walking, 50 squats daily, and cardio three times a week.

Biggest Lesson: The biggest lesson I learned is that you have to put yourself first to achieve healthiness. I also learned that you will gain a lot of energy by shedding the pounds that weighed you down.

Advice: The advice I have for women who want to lose weight is to believe in yourself, find a weight loss group to join, get a meal prep guide, and it will all fall in place.

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