Thermogenic Fat Burner For Men + Boost Focus, (5.1 oz) Energy, Drive Serum

Reversing the gradual loss of lean muscle mass is the ultimate weight loss goal. Because lean muscle transforms into fat (adipose tissue) as we get older. So we need to keep our lean muscles, not only to look great, but also to burn fat more efficiently as we age. Creatine HCL Serum ULTRA-THERMO™ powers the intense energy that builds lean muscles faster. And safely revs up your fat burning metabolism. So you’ll lose weight faster, especially stubborn belly fat. Creatine HCL Serum ULTRA-THERMO™ works 4 ways: 1. Advanced Thermogenesis Matrix ignites your fat burning metabolism. 2. The world’s only radical fusion of Creatine-O-Phosphate Coenzyme A™, the master enzyme, accelerates extreme energy levels. 3. Synergistic Guarana L-Carnitine Gotu Kola fusion targets belly fat. 4. Serumized Formula is 100 Bio-available and transmucal (absorbed under the tongue) for optimal core heat induction. Creatine HCL Serum ULTRA-THERMO™ will help you get real, measurable results your abdominal fat loss. It’s a smarter investment for a leaner/ stronger body.

Product Features

  • Rapidly Accelerates Fat Burn
  • Powers Extreme Energy Levels
  • Stimulates Metabolism
  • Induces High Body Core Temperatures
  • Targets Belly Fat

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