Xantrim® 750 Fat Burners by eBody | Weight Loss Diet Pills | High Strength Fat Burner (60 Tablets)

Xantrim 750 is the high strength version of Xantrim 375, with all the same weight loss ingredients. Xantrim is an advanced slimming Aid, which is a unique blend of active ingredients that have been proven through research and clinical tests to be an aid to slimming. It helps with weight loss and is a cutting edge, thermogenic fat burner that helps to oxidize fat and intensify energy. As no other product contains this unique blend of trademarked ingredients, nothing else on the market can match the effects of Xantrim.

The main ingredient in Xantrim is the Xantrim® proprietary blend comprising of two key ingredients to aid weight loss.

In addition to the trade marked proprietary blend, Xantrim also contains the powerful ingredients of Green Coffee (Considered nature’s long term preventative for weight loss), Green Tea Extract (Know for its antioxidant benefits), L-Carnitine (used for the transport of fatty acids), Guarana Seed, Kola Nut, CLA, vitamins B6, B12 and Chromium. We’ve also added to the formula a fast stimulation boost found only with pure pharmaceutical grade Caffeine, which cannot be replicated with Coffee.

The ingredients used within are not only are proven to aid weight loss, but have also been measured in the correct quantities to produce optimal results when used with other ingredients within the formula.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Xantrim Customers: Please note that due to an intellectual property challenge, eBody are no longer able to advertise for sale the name PHENBURN. While eBody are in the transitional period of updating all product labels to Xantrim, you may still receive a product with the previous product name, which is identical and contains EXACTLY the same ingredients / quantities, but just a different name. Due to this change we have discounted this item down to £24.95, normally £44.95+.

Product Features

  • Easy to Swallow Vegetarian Friendly Coated Tablets.
  • Xantrim contains a high quality blend of ingredients to aid weight management.
  • Includes a fast stimulation boost found only with pure pharmaceutical grade Caffeine.
  • Added Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Chromium for optimum weight loss benefits.
  • Our potent formula may help to intensify energy giving you focused workouts and help you to feel full by reducing your appetite.

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2 Responses to Xantrim® 750 Fat Burners by eBody | Weight Loss Diet Pills | High Strength Fat Burner (60 Tablets)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Since the beginning of the year I’ve been attempting to tackle the weight gain I built up over the previous two years. I’ve been going to the gym on average between 3-4 times per week and have started cycling to work, while also (sometimes) managing to eat healthier food, but keeping track and control of my appetite has been the real issue for me, especially when it comes to mid morning and late night snacking.I was especially attracted to these pills because of their ability to…

  2. Anonymous says:

    So do weight loss pills actually work? Well yes they can but only as part of a controlled diet and exercise regime. No pills can allow you to munch on a McDonalds while watching the TV. We have tried these pills from Ebody now for two weeks and the results are in.The capsules are of a good size to swallow. There is a 30 day course in the bottle so I will hope to see some good results from these by the time I’ve finished the bottle. The supplement bottle has clear instructions how to…

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