17″-36″ Yoga Ball Exercise Anti Burst Fitness Balance Workout Stability W Pump

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Price: 1499 USD

17″-36″ Yoga Ball Exercise Anti Burst Fitness Balance Workout Stability W Pump

Unbreakable Exercise Ball (1720″ 24″ 29″ 36″) NEW for Stability, Fitness, Bala. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Unbreakable Exercise Ball Multiple Sizes & Colors: Our exercise balls/yoga balls/fitness balls/workout balls/ball chair–XS(45cm), S(55cm), M(65cm), L(75cm), XL(85cm).Black, Gray, Blue, Green. Whether you use the ball for exercise or as a desk chair or office furniture, our sizing chart can help you find the ideal ball size to ensure safety and comfort when you use it. Our exercise balls are fit for women & men, both children and the elderly can choose the most suitable ball for exercises.

Unbreakable Exercise Balls are intended for core strength, balance, back rehabilitation and for toning and sculpting the upper body. Use our exercise balls for a wide array of active exercises such as yoga, Pilates, or Cross Fit to tone muscles, increase cardio endurance, build strength, and control weight. Our exercise balls are also useful for correcting posture, ab development, play therapy, sitting at a desk, labor support during pregnancy and birthing.

100% High Quality & Safe & Non-Toxic Exercise Balls: Our exercise balls/fitness balls/yoga balls/workout balls/balance balls are made from professional grade PVC materials that are eco-friendly ,nontoxic, BPA, Latex. Safety is our top priority so our products are acutely tested, with your health and safety in mind. They will not produce harmful smell and is safe for human especially pregnant women. Extra thickness is perfect for fitness, stability, balance & yoga etc.

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