2 PACK Fit EPTWFU01 Pure Source Ultra II Refrigerator Water Filter

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Price: 2789 USD

2 PACK Fit EPTWFU01 Pure Source Ultra II Refrigerator Water Filter


High quality,
affordable activated carbon filter replacement for: Frigidaire Filter
Model/Part Numbers: EPTWFU01, EPTWFU01C, EWF02 4562222 012505454226

Compatible with
refrigerator model numbers: FPBC2277RF, FPBC2277RF0, FPBC2277RF1, FPBC2277RF2,
FPBC2277RF3, FPBC2277RF5, FPBG2277RF, FPBG2277RF0, FPBS2777RF, FPBS2777RF0,
FPBS2777RF1, FPBS2777RF2, FPBS2777RF3, FPBS2777RF4, FPBS2777RF9, FPSC2277RF0,

Will fit and lock in
all compatible refrigerators. Will not leak! Guaranteed or 100% money back.

Long lasting up to
six months or 300 gallons.

Tested and certified
by Iapmo R&T to NSF/ANSI Standard 42.



Package Dimensions:
9.1 x 2 x 2 inches

Item Weight: 7.7

Shipping Weight: 7.7

Clearwater Filters




1.Shut off water

2.Remove the
existing filter by turning it left,and then take it out

3.Remove the cap of
a new filter,insert it into refrigerator and turn right to lock it in place

4.Recover the water
source,and check it there is leakage

5.Run the working
press for 4 minutes(about 8 cups of water )for purge6 reset replacement
indicator light by pressing the ICE TYPE button and the CHILD LOCK(or MOISTURE
CONTROL)button simultaneously for 3 seconds

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