Ashwagandha KSM 66 Herbolab 15:1 with Black Pepper Extract (Higher Absorption) Max Potency Full Spectrum 5+% Withanolides

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KSM-66 Ashwagandha, black pepper extract
PATENTED EXTRACTION METHOD: Ensures maximum withanolides content & maintains all the healing properties of the herb. Withanolides may not be at their maximum potential due to the extraction process used, specially if not standardized and full-spectrum extraction, which result in a low efficacy product. Our ashwagandha is standardized to guarantee a minimum withanolide content using the root and no leaves.
BLACK PEPPER FOR MAXIMUM BIOAVAILABILITY: Absorption in herbal supplements have been shown to be greatly increased by piperine. It does this by stimulating digestive enzymes of the pancreas enhancing the digestive capabilities and greatly reducing gastrointestinal food transit time. 5g has ben shown to increase levels by reducing the clearance of the supplement.
TOP QUALITY GUARANTEED: We test every batch for quality and efficacy and results for the current batch are always available on request.
YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS: We are not here to sell you something and disappear, we are here to make sure you achieve your health goals. Herbolab was born with the intention of changing the stigmas of the male supplements industry. Every purchase comes with a complementary PDF to help you make the best out of our supplements.

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