Burn fat, build muscle―begin healthier living with carb cycling

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or you’ve hit the plateau and need that extra push―carb cycling can help. By modifying your daily carb intake, you can burn fat and build muscle mass quickly.

This carb cycling guide provides dozens of delicious high- and low-carb meals, as well as a flexible, well-constructed 7-day workout plan. Discover the best ingredients to aid your diet, how to deal with slipups, and more.

Carb Cycling for Beginners includes:

  • Building blocks―Kick off your carb cycling with an in-depth intro and tips on how to fit it into your day-to-day.
  • Slim down, bulk up―Meet your fitness and weight goals using an easy, adaptable 7-day meal and exercise plan.
  • Curb your cravings―Satisfy your appetite with more than 50 mouthwatering, macro-friendly recipes.

Lose weight and get the results you want with carb cycling―all it takes is 7 days.

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