Diet – Water Away Pills 700mg – Weight Loss Supplement – 3 Bottle 180 Capsules

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Diet – Water Away Pills 700mg – Weight Loss Supplement – 3 Bottle 180 Capsules


Water Away Pills 700mg
Natural Diuretic 

Helps Reduce Excess Water In The Body
100% Natural Blend of Herbs
 Vitamins & Minerals

Made In USA
3 Bottle 180 Capsules

Our Unique Formula Of Water Away Pills 700mg:
Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), Potassium (as potassium chloride), Chloride (as potassium chloride), Dandelion (4:1 concentrate), Green Tea (50% extract), Cranberry (30% extract / powder), Juniper Berry (4:1 concentrate), Bucchu Leaves (4:1 concentrate), Apple Cider Vinegar (35% extract), Corn Silk (herb powder),  Paprika (herb owder),Watermelon (herb powder) 

Benefits of Taking a Water Away Pill 700mg:
Water Away Pill is an all-natural herbal nutrient blend to help promote a balanced level of fluids in the body when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.  Water pills, more often referred to as diuretics, help your body get rid of excess water and sodium. Water pills make your kidneys deposit more sodium into your urine. That extra sodium takes with it water from your blood. This process, according to the Mayo Clinic, thins your blood and relieves pressure in your arteries. Water pills contain substances that pressure your kidneys into flushing out excess water and salt through your pee.
Water Away Pills For Weight Loss:
Water Away Pills helps support weight loss because it provides temporary relief of occasional bloating. An all-natural herbal blend, it helps promote a balanced level of fluids when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. Vitamin B6 helps replenish the normal loss of water in your body to help support weight loss and maintenance.Don’t let water weight and bloating keep you from reaching your weight loss goals. Water Away Pills relieve you of bloating and help you shed water weight. By taking just two pills, you will feel the affects, as your puffiness and bloating is reduced and excess water disappears from your body

Health Benefits of Dandelion:
The dandelion has been a staple of the traditional herbal pharmacopeia for centuries.  In Europe, the dandelion is still respected as the nutritional and medicinal powerhouse that it is, and here in the United States we are beginning to rediscover the benefits of including dandelion and dandelion root in our diets.  Dandelion is a very rich source of beta-carotene which we convert into vitamin A. This flowering plant is also rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. It’s a good place to get B complex vitamins, trace minerals, organic sodium, and even some vitamin D too. Dandelion also contains protein, more than spinach. It has been eaten for thousands of years as a food.Dandelion acts as a mild laxative that promotes digestion, stimulates appetite, and balances the natural and beneficial bacteria in the intestines. It can increase the release of stomach acid and bile to aid digestion, especially of fats.Dandelion is a great spring tonic for our bodies; it helps the transition from winter to the warmer season, by nourishing and balancing the blood so it will flow better and keep us cooler in the summer season.

What Are the Health Benefits of Cranberry Pills?
Cranberries, often thought of only around Thanksgiving and Christmas, offer more than just a light, flavorful holiday dish. They also offer many health benefits if implemented as an everyday supplemental regimen. Cranberry can be found in the form of the fruit, juice, extract, pill and capsule. Cranberry pills are easily accessible and are found in most health food. The cranberry fruit is high in antioxidants, partly from substances called proanthocyanidins. Antioxidants scavenge damaging particles in the body known as free radicals. Environmental toxins (including ultraviolet light, radiation, cigarette smoking, and air pollution) can increase the number of free radicals in the body, which are believed to contribute to the aging process as well as the development of a number of health problems. Antioxidants can neutralise free radicals and may reduce or even help prevent some of the damage they cause. Cranberries are an excellent source of vitamin C as well, another important antioxidant.

Supplement Facts Of Water Away Pills 700mg:
Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 25mg
Potassium (as potassium chloride) 25mg 
Chloride (as potassium chloride) 23mg 
Dandelion (4:1 concentrate) 225mg 
Green Tea (50% extract) 100mg 
Cranberry (30% extract / powder) 75mg 
Juniper Berry (4:1 concentrate) 50mg 
Bucchu Leaves (4:1 concentrate) 50mg 
Apple Cider Vinegar (35% extract) 50mg 
Corn Silk (herb powder) 25mg 
Paprika (herb powder) 25mg 
Watermelon (herb powder) 25mg

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (bovine), silicon dioxide and vegetable magnesium stearate.

SUGGESTED USE: 1 capsule taken 1 to 2 times daily preferably with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional. Serving Size: 1 Capsule, Amount Per Container: 60
Diet – Water Away Pills 700mg – Weight Loss Supplement – 3 Bottle 180 Capsules

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