Final Fat Meltdown – 30 Days to Weightloss

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Q.  I am a beginner and 45, will I be able to do the workouts?

A.  This plan can be used by a beginner or an athlete. If you are completely new to the workouts, you will go through them 1 X, but still use intensity. The idea is to push yourself and use your body while you get your heart rate up in a short period of time. You will adapt as you keep using the program. The workouts continue to get harder and you can still gauge yourself and make progress, even if you need to back off a little bit. You will only build muscle and raise your metabolic rate when you get out of your comfort zone, so the key is to push hard but not to the point of pain.

Q.  If the workout seems easy, should I do it for longer than 20 minutes.

A.  No. If it is easy, you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Keep the intensity high and do the workout for the recommended amount of times. I will tell you if it is to be done 1, 2 or 3 X. I used to go to the gym, should I still keep going, or stop? This plan is meant to be done every other day, AND you can do it anywhere. Take the printed out workouts to the gym with you. If you want to add in a lifting session as you get stronger, great! This is plan is all about energizing your body, AND adding muscle to raise your metabolic rate. Still take a day off in between workouts.

Q.  How long before I see results?

A.  You will see results in as little as 5 days. As you start to eat more of the filling, nutrient dense foods from the Grocery List for Life, you will see that you are not craving sweets, and you will feel energized. Most women are surprised to eat more than usual, then see a 3-­5 lb difference on the scale by the end of the first week.

Q.  What if I don’t know or can’t do some of the exercises in the workouts?

A.  If you don’t know one, either google it, or look on YouTube. If an exercise is hard, then you WILL get stronger. If you can’t do it due to an injury or limitation, substitute an exercise in it’s place from one of the other workouts.

Q.  What if I start to get too big, I don’t want large muscles, only tone?

A.  It is impossible to build large muscles with the workouts in this plan. A lot of women confuse the “tight feeling” of a growing muscle with “getting bigger”. Tone only means how tight your muscles are when they are not flexed. In order to get big muscles, you have to keep adding weight to the muscle being worked. You won’t be doing that in this plan. You will however be building tight, lean and sexy muscle that will raise your metabolic rate so that you can burn calories even while at rest!

Q.  What if I don’t get results?

A.  Well, you can get your money back, no questions asked, and no crazy customer service waiting time. However, I am positive that if you follow the plan, the portions, the choices of foods, and the nutrient timed meals AND do the workouts every other day. YOU WILL GET RESULTS.

Q.  I really like cardio. Will I get my heart rate up like running?

A.  Yes. If you are pushing yourself in the 20 minutes and following the order with intensity, you will not only increase your muscular endurance, you will be sweating and out of breath. In the short period of time you will not only boost your metabolic rate long after the workout ends, you will get that same rush of endorphins that runners love, only in a shorter period of time, AND you won’t be pounding your joints and burning through precious muscle that keeps your metabolic system running and your body strong.

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