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Why Join Our Monthly Membership?

Eating healthy is a way of life. When you join Good Decisions… Most of the Time Tribe you can’t help but succeed. We know life is too short not to eat chocolate so we’ve found a way to make space for the foods we love, a way to enjoy them, but not feel controlled by them. Tribe empowers you to self govern around food effectively.

Get One Implementable Strategy Every Week

You’ll receive one strategy or insight weekly. We won’t overwhelm you, instead we give you time to implement each strategy before sending you another one. We believe that when you have the tools and strategies you need, you can jump over any hurdle, any struggle, and achieve your wildest dreams! These emails deliver the tools and strategies.

Connect With Others Just Like You

Good Decisions Tribe is a community of individuals who are challenging sugar, overcoming emotional eating, and experiencing the highs of achievement and the lows of falling off the wagon. However, when you fall off the wagon it doesn’t take off. It waits for you to get back up, wipe the chocolate off your face, smile, and hop back on.

Reach Maintenance

Maintenance is when you have had patience and persistence and the new habit, over time becomes a part of who you are; vivacious and healthy. Someone who loses weight, then gains it back is typical of people who ignore the importance of maintenance. It takes an average of 6 months of concerted action before you may be ready to move into maintenance. This is where Tribe membership excels. It helps you get momentum and keep it.


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