INTEY Arm Blaster for Biceps & Triceps Fitness Arm Curl Blaster GZ-002

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Price: 1995 USD

INTEY Arm Blaster for Biceps & Triceps Fitness Arm Curl Blaster GZ-002


  • 【Posture Support Design for Top-notch Biceps Isolator】Our arm blaster is uniquely designed to encourage correct posture when performing barbell and dumbbell curls. The bicep blaster must be placed right under your chest to be on the perfect spot to get the maximum from it. Thereby concentrating all the stress on your biceps to achieve amazing results of pumped arms, muscle definition and better posture of your whole body.
  • 【Adjustable Strap and Cushioned Pad for Extra Comfort】The adjustable one-press strap makes sure our arm blaster fits your size exactly (Suit for both men and women). The premium dense elbow pads and comfy cushioned neck pad protect your elbows and neck from rubbing and reduce unnecessary pressure during the high-rep workouts. Plus, the super even e-coat finish surface of the bicep isolator makes you feel extremely comfortable.
  • 【Durable Material and Sturdy Construction】The thick laser-cut reinforced aluminum alloy plate covered with an anti-scratch layer for better protection and even more endurance, corrosion-resistance and anti-fracture. The strong nylon woven strap offers 1000-pound capacity, and there is no chance of breaking it. We aim to provide lifetime-usage bicep bomber isolator which helps you save the costs for replacements.
  • 【Strengthen Shoulders and Backs for All】Except for enhancing biceps, our arm curl blasters are suitable for anyone expecting to strengthen their shoulders and backs. The weight lifting arm blaster offers a secure fit for inexperienced bodybuilders. When professional athletes equipped with our bicep bomber isolator do weightlifting with dumbbells, barbells or bicep curl bars, they can maximize the strength building of upper body.
  • 【Portable and Perfect Home Gym Equipment】Great to use in gym, home or every sport training your arms. The arm blaster is lightweight(1.85lbs) and portable. If you don’t have much time to hit the gym, our biceps isolator can help you keep up with your muscle building routines. Let our arm curl blaster helps you reach your limit and unlock more power and bigger muscles.


INTEY Arm Blaster Bicep Curl helps you get pumped muscles and bigger arms more efficiently!

Why choose us?

1.INTEY bicep blaster helps you stay in correct posture

2.Durable Aluminum Alloy Plate, corrosion-resistance and anti-fracture

3.Padded elbow support let you do dumbbells, barbells or bicep curl bars comfortably

4.Comfy neoprene neck pad saves you from neck pain

5.Strong nylon strap with one-press buckle for quick and easy adjustment

6.Lightweight and portable to do workouts at home, gym and outdoors

Who choose us?

Suitable for both men and women. No matter you are sports trainers, office workers, housewives, beginners, amateurs and professionals, just get the best bicep curl support!

What can INTEY Bicep Isolator bring to you?

Visible Biceps

Pumped Arms

Strong Chests

Firm Abdomens

Healthier Routines

Where can you use the Bicep Curl Support?

Have no time to hit the gym? Just excercise with our arm curl blaster to stay healthy while stay home, office or anywhere you like.

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