Get Back on Track Before Summer: How Nutrisystem Can Help

Get Back on Track Before Summer: How Nutrisystem Can Help

While we were all distracted with new daily routines during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic—working from home, Zoom calls, home schooling, binge-watching the shows everyone is talking about and keeping an eye on the news—we picked up a few extra pounds without even being aware of it. It’s no surprise that when we are housebound and stressed out, we are tempted to overeat and indulge in unhealthy foods. But here’s what you might not expect: Nutrisystem makes it easy for you to drop the unwanted weight before summer. Even better, we do it without taking away the small pleasures of eating that have made this time inside more bearable. Let us explain how we can help you clean up your quarantine diet!

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Here are six ways Nutrisystem can help you get back on track before summer:
1. Get a Head Start

before summer weight loss

Just seven days after you begin your Nutrisystem plan, you may start to see a difference. Our first week on the program is a One-Week Reboot to jumpstart your weight loss. In a study, average weight loss was 5.4 pounds during this first week.* It’s a lower calorie week that includes delicious, filling Nutrisystem meals, healthy snacks and unlimited non-starchy vegetables to keep you satisfied. Get a head start on your weight loss goals with a little help from Nutrisystem.

2. Fun and Fresh

before summer weight loss

When there’s no place to go and little to do while social distancing, meals are often the highlight of our days. So you aren’t likely to stick to any weight loss plan that expects you to skimp on the joy of sitting down to eat three times a day. With the diverse and delicious Nutrisystem menu filled with healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner choices, you’ll look forward to treating your taste buds to your favorite cuisines every day. Plus, we’re always in the kitchen cooking up new ideas and products! From classic American and Italian to Asian-inspired and Tex-Mex, every meal satisfies real appetites while providing the nutrients you need to feel your best.

3. Regular Snacks

healthy snacks

If you have to identify one cause of weight gain, it’s likely that you’ll point to “frequent snacking.” Many of us of have loaded our pantries with snack foods to keep our families happy and occupied, and we are dipping into those packages ourselves when we are bored, worried, hungry or pre-occupied.

Now for the good news: you don’t have to give up snack time to lose the weight before summer! In fact, daily snacks are an essential part of your Nutrisystem weight loss plan. The difference is that with Nutrisystem, you eat snacks that are nutritionally balanced and in the right portions for you. Plus, you get to choose from a wide range of options, including savory treats like Honey Mustard Pretzel Bits and White Cheddar Popcorn. We also offer delightful sweets, such as our Chewy Chocolate Fudge Bar and Red Velvet Cupcake, so snack time is still a fun part of your day.

Be sure to check out some more of the healthy snack ideas and treats from our wellness and nutrition experts at The Leaf! Here, you’ll be able to learn more amazing inspiration for healthy meal prep to shed those unwanted pounds from the Coronavirus quarantine.

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4. Comfort Cuisine

before summer weight loss

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the resulting lockdown have many of us in a constant state of stress. This can cause our bodies to produce a hormone known as “cortisol.” It increases our appetite, especially for foods that are high in sugar, fat and calories, according to the experts at Harvard Health Publishing.

To help us deal with stress, we tend to crave “comfort foods”—those meals that remind us of home cooking and the feeling of safety we enjoyed as children. With the Nutrisystem’s menu, you’ll be able to enjoy featured homestyle dishes that are sure to carry you back to those more relaxed times, including Chicken Pot Pie, Lasagna with Meat Sauce and Salisbury Steak with Mac and Cheese. Dig into these diet-friendly dishes filled with comfort and look forward to better days ahead.

5. Immunity Support

immune system

While you’re eating delicious food that satisfies your appetite, you also want to make sure you supply your immune system with the nutrients it needs to ward off illnesses. With Nutrisystem, you eat four servings of non-starchy vegetables each day, which load you up with fiber, antioxidants like vitamin C and other key nutrients for your immune system. Vitamin C is said to prevent colds and has been shown to help shorten the duration of cold symptoms, says Harvard Health.

The probiotics in Nutrisystem NutriCrush Protein Shakes can also help support your immunity with beneficial, disease-fighting microbes. Probiotics have been shown to support a healthy immune system and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut, says Healthline. There’s lots of fun ways to enjoy our rich, creamy shakes at home during the current quarantine and times of social distancing. We compiled eight simple recipes that punch up the flavor of the shakes that you can enjoy as you lose weight. Try them out here! >

6. Contactless Delivery

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Nutrisystem can also help guard your health as you are shedding the weight by bringing good food right to your door through our renowned meal delivery service. All of your healthy meal prep is done for you and shipped directly to your home, keeping you safe and headache-free from dealing with grocery stores! You can stock up your pantry and freezer with a selection of your favorite foods, while also cutting down on trips out of the house. You stay safe without giving up on the variety of meals and snacks you love as you are losing those extra pounds before summer. Best of all, when we’re all ready to go outside again, you’ll be leaner and happier than you were before the lockdown.

Be sure to read more fitness and healthy recipe tips from our experts at The Leaf to keep you and your family healthy and happy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get back on track before summer! Try out the Nutrisystem meal delivery service today. >

*In a study, avg weight loss was 5.4 lbs in the first week. The avg weight for the study participants was 207.3 lbs. Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence.

*Usage of this kit for more than one week in any consecutive 4-week period may lead to health complications and is not recommended.  Please be sure to eat all of the food recommended for this program. Failure to follow the program protocol and eat all of the food recommended may involve developing serious health complications. If you have diabetes, are under 18 years of age, are pregnant or a nursing mother, or following a specialized diet for health issues, you may not use this kit. Please consult your physician before purchasing (or beginning) this kit.

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Join Our Virtual Series! Ready, Set, Summer May Challenge

Join Our Virtual Series! Ready, Set, Summer May Challenge

May is upon us, and summer is near. The warm and beloved summer sunshine is often accompanied by an annual scramble to get “summer-ready” when the season has already begun–;but this year we are here to help you get a head start on getting healthier through our virtual series, Ready, Set, Summer May Challenge!

While our current situation is likely impacting your typical pre-summer activities, we can still work together to get summer-ready the Nutrisystem way (and what better way to do that than through a virtual series?!”

Our Ready, Set, Summer May Challenge will be hosted by our nutrition experts, LeeAnn and Mandi, every Monday and Thursday at 5:30 pm EST. And what will this virtual series entail? Our awesome nutritionists will be will be revealing a weekly challenge to keep you accountable on your journey to summer, and on Thursdays, they will dishing out a whole lot of expert info on getting healthier in the month of May!

Check out our schedule of events for our virtual series below and be sure to check out our Facebook page to tune in >

Monday Challenges:
May 4th: Eat 5 different colored veggies this week.
May 11th: Eat 5 different colored veggies this week + drink 64 oz. of water every day.
May 18th: Eat 5 different colored veggies this week + drink 64 oz. of water every day + move for 30 minutes 5 times this week.
May 26th: Eat 5 different colored veggies this week + drink 64 oz. of water every day + move for 30 minutes 5 times this week + try a Leaf recipe and share a photo.
Thursday Tips:

May 7th: Stay at Home Habits That Could be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss
May 14th: Tips for Beating Cravings
May 21st: BBQ Survival Tips
May 28th: Celebrate our Ready, Set, Summer success!

Just because we are spending more time at home doesn’t mean we can’t work on our health and wellness just in time for the summer sun! Join our virtual series so we can support each other on our journey to healthy and wellness >

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