*Customers should follow a calorie-controlled diet or exercise program to see results with this product. *Results are not effective for everyone, or permanent. *No specific amount of weight loss, or any weight loss at all, is certain with this product. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a pure, organic and all natural plant extract that helps to reduce stubborn belly fat. Its main active ingredient is safflower oil, an essential weight loss oil that specifically targets stubborn belly fat so that you can slim, trim and tone your mid-section. This natural belly fat, weight control supplement can be used by anyone (men or women) who is looking to lose weight. In addition to regulating metabolism and helping to burn belly fat, CLA also preserves lean muscle mass so that it only burns fat, not muscle. In addition to losing weight and improving overall body composition, cla provides a plethora of other benefits, including immune support and heart health, with minimal side effects compared to other weight loss supplements. These cla safflower oil pills also do not contain any caffeine so they do not cause high blood pressure as some stimulant weight loss supplements do. Lastly, this best selling cla supplement also helps with energy support. Whether for man or woman, bodybuilder or gymnast, this caffeine-free all natural fat loss supplement is the best cla supplement for maintaining an overall lean physique. For maximum potency and effectiveness, as well as to prevent bloating, take 3000mg daily.

Product Features

  • TARGET ABDOMINAL FAT – Eliminate the visceral fat (bad fat) located in your abdominal cavity
  • SLIM DOWN – CLA’s unique effect on our PPAR receptors helps us to lean out our mid-section
  • MAX STRENGTH POTENCY – UNALTERED CLA contains a 20% higher concentration vs. other CLA supplements
  • STIMULANT-FREE – Avoid the feeling of nausea & nervousness that comes with harsh stimulants
  • SEE RESULTS IN FIRST 30 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK – If you’re not happy with your order, it’s on us

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