Uniseal Bulkhead Alternative hydroponic aquaponic aquarium aquaculture uniseals

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Uniseal Bulkhead Alternative hydroponic aquaponic aquarium aquaculture uniseals


Allied Aqua
• Aquaculture • Hydroponics
• Aquariums

Fish Stock • Fish Food • Advanced Filtration Systems •
Commercial Grade Air & Water Pumps • And More!

Item Description

The Original

The Better Bulkhead Fitting Alternative

are used to attach pipe to just about any type of container.
They can be used in place of expensive bulkhead fittings in
most situations. The most common use is on curved surfaces
such as storage drums, buckets or even other pipes.



About Allied Aqua, LLC

Allied Aqua is a
Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Missouri
and based in Smithville, MO (just a few miles north of Kansas
City). Our staff members have over 40 years of combined
experience in aquaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, pond/lake
management, the aquarium industry and related fields. We
maintain our own production scale aquaculture and hatchery
facilities on-site, using the same products we sell. In other
words, we don’t just sell these products, we actually use them,
and do so on a daily basis! We have thoroughly tested the
products we offer, to make sure they meet our own high
standards. When you have an item specific question or need
help/support with its actual use, you can be confident you’ll
get accurate and relevant assistance from our friendly and
knowledgeable crew.


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