XPRT Fitness Workout Sandbags Fitness Training Bag For CrossFit and Conditioning

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Price: 6599 USD

XPRT Fitness Workout Sandbags Fitness Training Bag For CrossFit and Conditioning

Workout Sandbags by XPRT Fitness – Sandbag Training Bag – Fitness Sand Bag for CrossFit, Fitness, Exercise and Military Conditioning – Adjustable Training Sandbag for Power, Control and Balance

Bullet Points:

ENHANCED STRENGTH: Use the XPRT Fitness workout sandbag to boost your workout and sculpt your body! Sandbag training is a great way to build lean muscle and increase your durability, resistance, and mobility through targeted workouts.

RESISTANCE & DURABILITY: Our amazing fitness sand bag is made with premium quality 1000 D fabric and has heavy-duty and cross-stitched nylon thread. It has a high-density waterproof shell for more practicality. This high-end training sandbag allows you to perform any exercise no matter how rough.

CORE TRAINING: Unlike any other CrossFit sandbag, our  sandbag has no less than 7 handles. This multifunctional design allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises, including deadlifts, carries, squats, presses, lunges, and throws.

FOR YOUR FITNESS LEVEL: No matter if beginner or pro, you can adjust our training sandbag to match your needs! You can remove the filler bags for reduced resistance or add more sandbags for an incredible fitness challenge!

PERFECTLY SEALED: Sandbag training is never messy when you use the XPRT Fitness training bags. Our military training bag has a waterproof and double-sealed shell with strong double hook and loop fasteners with a folded opening. Our training sandbag is available in 3 sizes and 2 super-cool colors.

Boost your training and get your dream body with the XPRT Fitness workout sandbags! Easy to use, performant, and highly efficient in helping you build core strength and lean muscle, this fitness accessory is a must-have for fitness lovers. The training sandbag is made with 1000D fabric and has double nylon stitching for enhanced durability. Unlike any other sandbag, our military training bag has 7 handles that allow you to perform a wide range of exercises adapted to your fitness level.

Why is this product for you?

The XPRT Fitness sandbag is a great workout accessory for any gym lover! You can adapt the workout’s intensity by adjusting the bag’s weight for personalized training. Sandbag training can help you to improve your strength and resistance, as well as develop your core. You can easily integrate it into your fitness, cardio, or CrossFit training.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

· The XPRT Fitness workout bag is a great accessory to boost your everyday training

· It is easy to use and performant

· Can help you develop your core and build lean muscle

· Ideal for improving mobility, stability, and resistance

· Made with ultra-durable 1000 D fabric

· X-stitching with nylon thread

· Double-sealed shell with strong double hook and loop fasteners

· Adjustable weight

· Available in 3 sizes: small (5-25 lbs.), medium (25-75 lbs.), and large (50-125 lbs.)

· Comes in 2 colors: black and military green

Train harder than ever before with the XPRT Fitness workout sandbag!

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